This Week is a Blur – Thinking Out Loud







Isn’t that funny?
I love a great Halloween comic!
My life has been so crazy this week (what’s new?!)…
So, I thought a little  Thinking Out Loud was a perfect solution to catch y’all up.


1.  – We are getting “pumped up” for our fun NFL game here in London on Sunday – Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons.


2.   I finally got all the moving boxes removed from our flat on Monday.
It actually looks like a real, moved-in home now!


  3.  I’ve been busy trying to fit in workouts w/Halloween prep.
I did a 75 minute yoga class yesterday that truly KICKED MY ASS!
I still left smiling, but this morning I woke up sore everywhere.


4.  I’ve been hard-at-work on OPERATION TMNT -Halloween costume creating is fun, but time consuming!


5.  And finally, I still can’t believe that in just 5 days…
I’ll be flying off to our “dream vacation” to the Maldives!


What Are You Dressing as for Halloween?

WIAW – Paris Edition

For today’s WIAW, I thought I’d share some of the yummy eats from my weekend in Paris.
To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Paris or the food.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great city because there are a ton of things to see and the wine is fantastic.
But I’m a super picky eater and on a whole…
Paris is not for me food-wise.
No fear though, I brought my Quest Bars – lol.
Here are some of the delicious things I did manage to enjoy.

1 – A Falafel on Falafel Rd in the Jewish “Swamp Land” – BEST thing I ate the whole weekend
2 – tiny, juicy, flavorful baby tomatoes…lots of them
3 – Profiteroles – AMAZING
4 – Caprese Salad – “my old stand by”
5 – A salted caramel macaron
6 – Lots of cucumbers (like how Im cutting it?)
7 – Crepes with a fried egg inside – yum


Ok, why have I never eaten crepes before?
Um, they are quick & delicious and easier on my BS than bread.
I’m a believer now!
The photo below is not my crepe, it’s Nik’s – but it sure looked amazing!

crepes paris

Of course, I enjoyed a little French bread and vino…
I mean, I am in Paris after all.
Plus, I averaged over 27,000 steps a day, so I earned it!

Do You Eat Crepes?

I need to find a crepe recipe and start making them ASAP!

P.S. Yesterday I posted all about the super cool graffiti artists in Paris …check it out, it’s got amazing pictures!

Street Art – Paris


I’m not an “art” person.
In fact, I could be perfectly happy living in a house with blank walls.
But one form of art I have become obsessed with in the past couple of years, is street art.
There’s something about it that thrills me…
The idea that these artists go out in the dead of night and risk getting arrested is appealing.
It’s cool and interesting and unique.
Trying to find some in a new city has become my own personal treasure hunt.
And I knew moving to Europe would expose me to some of the most well-known “street artists” in the world.
So, while in Paris over the weekend…
I saw some of the most amazing pieces yet.


Next time you go adventure out into a new city…
Skip the museum, save your cash, take a walk & go on your own treasure hunt!


“Gregos is a street artist from Paris.
Self-taught, he began with graffiti in the 80s and in 1997 he began experimenting with sculpting techniques and molding.
After a stay in the United States, he returned to Paris in 2006 and embarked on a concept of 3D street art by creating a replica of his face he painted and then stick on the walls of the city.
To date over 400 faces were set in Paris but also in other cities of France and the world”

“Diamant is a young Parisian artist who is up a lot around town.
His diamonds are made by painting onto glass.
However, don’t be deceived into thinking Diamant is a one trick pony – he also creates poster and collage work on the streets, too. As he tells us: “I do not want to make diamonds to imprison me as some artists.
I want to be free to do what I want. I keep the diamond as a signature.”


“Paris street art innovator, Gz’ Up.
He’s French, he lives in Paris, his street art consists mostly of anthropomorphic octopusses cut from plywood and glued high up on street corners, he’s angry about people stealing his work, and, one day he hopes to make an octopus on a girl’s behind – his name is taken from rapper Snoop Dogg’s saying, ”Gz Up, Hoes Down”.



Invader is the pseudonym of a well-known French urban artist.
His work is modelled on the crude pixellation of 1970s 8-bit video games.
He took his name from the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders, and much of his work is composed of square ceramic tiles inspired by video game characters. Although he prefers to remain incognito, and guards his identity carefully, his distinctive creations can be seen in many highly-visible locations in more than 60 cities in 30 countries.



This artist hasn’t been in the press yet…
Appearing just 2 weeks ago in Paris, these tiny mice can be seen all over the city.
I’m calling him “Mouse Man”.


The rest are just plain cool.


This was one of my favorites…
Reminded me of all my friends and memories of living in NYC.

I’m still patiently waiting to see a Banksy….

Are You An Art Person?