Chipmunk Corey, Dentist Drama and More – Giving Thanks


Hello, I’m alive….barely.
As I mentioned earlier this week, I traveled to Houston.
Mainly because I needed to meet the movers and ship our things to London.
I figured while I was in town, I should finish the planned January dental work now…
Thus saving a flight expense later in January.
Like usual, things never go as planned!
What was supposed to be a simple crown replacement…
Turned into a whole very painful Thursday of drilling, root canals and lots of pain.
The fun didn’t stop there though, Friday I had to get oral surgery – I’ll spare you the details.
Let’s just say it involved more pain, lots of stitches and me looking like a chipmunk.
It also means that I’ll be staying in the US for a while to finish the whole thing up.
Add onto that I have been forced to not talk, workout or run for a couple days.
Yeah, all that motivation I blogged about was squashed by Dr. orders!
I know its for my own good but my laziness over the past 2 months has caused me to gain weight…
And while I only have myself to blame
I still wasn’t happy about being sidelined.
Instead of pouting and being upset again today, I woke up with a new attitude!
Doc said I could try running, not the 10 miles I had scheduled but at least 3.
If I felt pain, I had to stop.
Good News
No pain, so I completed a strong 4 in 98% humidity this morning.
I walked another 2 then showered and went to church.
Like usual, the message seemed directed right at me.
God is so sly & smart that way…
The message was lose the “Me, Me, Me” focus that somehow manages to seep into our everyday lives…
And use all that energy to listen, care about and help others.
It’s such a simple idea but it gets lost in our very busy lives.
It was just want I needed to get my day & upcoming week going on a brighter note.
Now it’s time to Give Thanks.


This week I am thankful for…

…this awesome sunrise on Thursday.   It reminded me of those amazing Trinidad sunsets!



…all the kind words and support from friends and family this week.
 Doing this alone, while staying in a hotel, was scary but so many people called, texted and checked in on me and for that I am thankful! xoxo


…my “listen to my body” intuition.  I have said it a million times, listen to your body and the clues it gives you!   Last week during my 10 mile run, around mile 5, I felt a very brief throbbing in my lower jar/ear.  It was a split second, but I couldn’t shake it.  So, that is why I booked the dentist appointment.  Even though a week and a half went by without another second of pain, I still went.  I almost lost 2 molars, if I hadn’t gone when I did.



…my ability to laugh at myself.   Yes, I look like I have 10 cotton balls shoved in my cheek BUT Im still posting pictures on FB.  Yes, I am getting 2 root canals, so why not take a selfie and post it to Instagram?!?! You can only cry so much until you just have to laugh….


…the UK healthcare system.
  Now that I’m registered with the NHS, every single thing related to my Type 1 Diabetes is FREE.   Yes, I am a republican.  Yes, I have made fun of my Canadian husband and his free healthcare country.  However, I have seen the error of my ways.  There are some things that are out of a person’s control.  Type 1 Diabetes is 1 of them.  It’s insanely expensive, seriously, even with excellent insurance, it’s crazy expensive.   It’s also free of insurance “rules”, only 3 test strips a day or use this type of meter, etc.. You walk in, show your card and paper and BAM, they hand your medicine, test strips, alcohol swabs, lancets, etc..  If my meter breaks, they give me another one and they do so while smiling.  (OK, maybe they don’t all smile but my pharmacy is full of very happy people)  I brought like 6 months worth of stuff from the US and still currently use our insurance and pay for it, also pay taxes in the UK as well…so it’s not exactly “free” but you know what I mean.  It’s removed a heavy stress burden from my day to day life – which means a happier, healthier Corey.



…finding a scratch off today that I bought the other day after my root canal that I never scratched.  WHOO HOO a $40 winner!  That makes up for all the pain…well, not really but it does makes me smile!


…my super amazing hubby.  Although he misses me tons, he immediately said that I should go visit my parents next week if I have to stay another 3 weeks, instead of hoping back and forth to the UK.   I haven’t seen them since December, so I’m really happy!  No definitely plans till dentist on Wednesday but it looks like I’ll be on the lake soon!  And after the week I’ve had…I could use a little lake relaxation time!

What Are You Thankful For This Week?


My New Stress Less Plan, WIAW and Training Update


This morning I woke up before the sun.
Just like my Trinidad days, except this morning wasn’t for a run.
I’m hopping across the pond this morning to Houston for a couple weeks.
Yes, Im traveling…again.
While I knew this trip was coming eventually, it all got planned really fast.
I have to meet the movers to bring our stuff to London.
Not really sure what we’re going to do with it all but I have 4-6 weeks before it arrives to figure it all out.
Stress Less…
That’s my new attitude!
All that worrying over the past month really threw my body outta wack.
It killed my motivation, sucked my energy, made me eat more and feel gross.
Not to mention the blood sugar roller coaster I’ve been on lately.
When I’m happy and at peace, life flows more easily.
My diabetes is under control, my diet is better and running is fantastic.
So, that’s the plan going forward…
My 2 weeks in Houston will not be over scheduled and exhausting.
It will contain 2 mini-stressful dentist appointments, but other than that I’m good.
I’m looking forward to the sunny weather, laying by the pool, running and chilling out.
It’s still hot in Houston and after the past 3 days we’ve had in London (60 F & pouring rain)…
I’m ready for a nice HOT long run!
While Im loving the cooler temps in London, making for faster times…
I do miss a nice long sweaty run.
I can run in rain y’all but this is cold, pouring rain.
Trust me, I’m not a baby, but a girls gotta see when she runs.
I know Im going to have to figure all that out for the long term.
Maybe they make running rain jackets?!?


Do you know what day it is!?!
(said in my best camel voice)
I just thought about something…
Today’s WIAW marks my  2 year WIAW anniversary – crazy eh?
That means I’ve shared over 100 posts of my daily eats with y’all.
Some people ask me why I do this weekly post.
It’s simple…
It helps keep me accountable on what I’m consuming – water, food, junk, etc..
Plus, I like seeing all the yummy things I’ve eaten over the years.
So, let’s see what I ate yesterday….


BreakfastZingy Green Juice, 20oz water, vitamins
Snack – Bag of Salt & Vinegar rice cakes (totally and completely addicted)
Lunch – 18oz water, glass of white wine, seared scallops w/cauliflower puree and portobello mushrooms
side note: in London, portobello mushrooms are called field mushrooms
Dinner: HUGE salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, pea sprouts, egg and chicken
1 glass red wine, garlic bread and a whole bag of spinach, steamed
Dessert – 2 bites of the hubby’s Phish food ice cream, 20oz water


Time to get real…
My training has either been awesome or not at all.
Last weeks blood sugar roller coaster prevented me from completing all my runs.
Not completely my fault but still I felt guilty.
I have never trained for a race and missed so many runs.
This week I had the best intentions but when this trip came up suddenly, I had to prepare.
Sometimes life gets in the way.
And instead of my upcoming race inspiring me, it was starting to make me feel even worse.
Every run I missed made me slip even further into the “Who Cares” mode.
That coupled with comparing myself to every other friend on Instagram or the Daily Mile and I was feeling low.
Then, I read Bari’s post about this very subject and emailed her.
It was exactly what I needed, I just needed to hop back on the workout wheel again.
See, if I hop off the wheel, it gets harder and harder and harder to get back on.
Thank goodness Bari got me on and just in time too, my trip to Houston could have been a lazy one.
She inspired me to squeeze in my circuit even though my run was rained out.
I completed all three rounds, no exceptions – 1st time in 2 months.
Thanks Bari!

On a positive note – I did kill my 10 mile run on Thursday night, so I haven’t lost all the mojo I guess.



What/Who Keeps You Motivated?

Poole and the Magical New Forest


~ Simply Magical ~
But more about the New Forest in a bit…
Do you remember when you got invited for a sleepover at a friends house?
It was so exciting – fun with friends, sleeping somewhere new and eating different things…
When you’re a child, it’s the best.
As an adult, “sleepover” invitations get less frequent, if not completely extinct.
In my Giving Thanks post on Sunday, I mentioned that we went to visit our new friends in Poole.
Yeah, a sleepover - I was excited.
This is where Poole is…

poole map

It was about a 2 hour train ride from our place, but we stopped half way to waterski.
Yes, if you are wondering…the water was freaking freezing!
I chickened out and wore a wetsuit…


We arrived in Poole and got the party started…


Martin and Jane are hilarious!
I’m pretty sure we never had more than a 5 minute stretch without laughter.


We even attended a wedding reception on Saturday night.
I wore my first fascinator and am warning you now…prepare to be seeing a lot of them.
They are so fun to wear!
I scored this beauty at a charity shop for only 5 pounds.
(that’s about 8 USD)


Sunday morning we enjoyed a proper home-cooked English breakfast.
Obviously I skipped the meat products but the tomatoes and mushrooms were fantastic!

After breakfast, we headed to the New Forest.
I wasn’t sure what to expect since Martin had said there were wild ponies and bulls and such just roaming free.
He also said there were houses and pubs and then I was confused…


The New Forest is huge and it has several small towns inside of it…
As soon as we arrived at the edge, we understood what he meant.
The magical part is that all the animals just roam free, just like he said.
They walk wherever they want – on the road, in the fields, wherever…
We saw ponies, donkeys, a baby albino donkey, eagles, robins, bunnies and banded cows.
If you ever get a chance, travel to Poole and go to the New Forest – you won’t be sorry.
Here are just a couple of the beautiful pictures I snapped.



OMG we wanted to bring him home with us!!!


See the baby with the spiky mane on the left?!?
Spotted this super cool mushroom by the side of the road…



  Photo above by the hubby, I think they’re are saying “leave us alone”.
And so….we left.
Goodbye New Forest, thank you for a most memorable Sunday drive.

What’s Your Favorite Sunday Activity?

 The hubby would tell you his – big breakfast, a nap and Sunday roast  dinner (since arriving in London)
Mine is cooking a fabulous breakfast, being lazy in bed for some cozy TV time and a evening run.