WIAW – Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer


After we finished family fun time in Calgary, we decided to take a different route back to Houston.
We took the Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury train experience, from Calgary to Vancouver.


It took 2 days, stopping half way and staying in a hotel, from 5am till around 6-8pm.
I will admit, when my husband intially suggested we take this trip, I was a bit surprised.
1st, it’s not cheap – i mean its a huge splurge especially only for 2 days…
2nd – Just like an all-inclusives, I doubted the food/wine was going to be as good as promised…
But I love trains and after reading a billion reviews, it was clear that you went Gold Class or not at all.

See, in the Gold Class cabin, you get a mainly all glass cabin, so you can see everything and take pictures, etc..

Going thru a tunnel…


BUT you also get a spot where you can go outside and walk around and get a breath of fresh air.
This was the key for me…
I would not do it with that outdoor area – Id be too antsy.

Rocky Mountaineer
side note: We didn’t realize it but apparently I had packed us all orange clothes for both days!!!
And that day Amsterdam was playing in the World Cup, so everyone thought we were Dutch.

Rocky Mountaineer

So, for today’s  WIAW. I’m join make y’all hungry – ALL ABOARD!
Check out some of these unbelievable meals we ate while on our train holiday.

Day 1 we were in the 1st dining seating – good thing too because after waking at 415am, we were dying.
No worries, I, of course, had my handy dandy diabetic snack cooler with me!!!
The menu had tons of options and the Chef was very willing to cater to whatever I wanted…
You scored HUGE points with this picky eater Rocky Mountaineer!!!


When these pancakes came to our table for my husband, I was thinking…
“Oh no, thick like a brick pancakes”..
After a quick picture, I grabbed a fork and stole a bite.
Boy was I WRONG and not just a little bit, I was MASSIVELY wrong.
These were the best pancakes I’ve ever had, so light and airy.
Canadian fruit compote and maple syrup to top things off…

A – M – A – Z – I – N – G

Speaking of amazing, these croissants were melt in your mouth and made from scratch – every morning!
I was proud of myself though, not once did I say “no” to something because of the calories…
This was a trip of a lifetime and you don’t wanna miss out because your worried about your body.
I ate a croissant each morning and loved every single crumb!!!


These things came every morning on the fruit plate, they said they were Chinese gooseberries?
I don’t know what they are, but I loved them.


The highlight of Day 1 Lunch for me was the soup, creamy corn and lentil and no dairy – it was fabulous.


Jane had a beet salad…

My husband, who never eats salmon, ordered the fish and ate every single bite.

We finished off with sweet – I even got a special diabetic dessert.
It was better than theirs too – ha ha


This was mine…

After lunch the wine was poured and enjoyed…


Those are our new friends Martin and Jane, they live in the UK.
We can’t wait to see them once they get back here…

And finally, by the end of the Day 1 travel…we saw a baby bear.


And then we arrived in Kamloops a bit late but happy for a good nights sleep and then off again in the AM.


And we woke up to what seemed to be a desert.
So weird, the temperature was over 90 and it looked like New Mexico.
I obviously wasn’t paying attention in science when this was explained…
Not sure how a place higher than London is having desert like conditions…
Why isn’t is chilly and breezy and cold, like the rest of Calgary?!?!
Email me or comment – I really want to know!
(maybe I’ll send you something really fun and cheesy Londondy)

I stayed with the eggs because they were perfect the day before…
And I knew I could convince my husband to order the french toast!
All went as planned and everything was excellent.
Well, the syrup was 1,000,000,000 X better than excellent.
I need to make syrup mixture ASAP.


Lunch Day 2 was fabulous Martin had a beef dish, glen and I shared risotto and chicken.
Jane got a white fish (above).



Benjamin took excellent care of us in the dining car.


the non-diabetics dessert…


My special “sugar free” dessert…yup – it was awesome!


 Imagine seeing sights like this while drinking wine and spotting bald eagles…


We had to buy the hats…they were too damn cute!!!

rocky mountaineer
Was it expensive?

Did it live up to it’s promise of breath-taking sights, comfort, five star service and amazing food?

Would I go again if I wasn’t in the Gold cabin?
Probably not…

There are loads of times on vacation where you can find a deal or go the cheap route and still have a great time.  This trip is worth every single penny and being able to be outside and breathe the mountain air was priceless.  Not to mention the dining car and all the other perks that came along with the fare.  We met lifelong new friends, learned a ton about Canada, my husband saw so many engineering things he almost died and I have to say…although it was only 48 hours…

It now ranks in the Top 3 Vacations EVER

(and you know how I feel about vacations…)

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THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix – Review and #Giveaway


A while ago, pre-move craziness, an old friend reached out and asked me if I’d like to try something out.
I love new things, especially health and fitness related, so I said sure.
The product is called THRIVE.  
Basically, it’s a daily set of capsules, shake mix, an adhesive patch and a drink mix.
I am always skeptical about stuff like this so I was ready to say it was junk.
That was until I actually tried it…
I’m not kidding, it’s a very noticeable and positive feeling, it’s hard to explain.
All I know is this “trying to find a place to live” thing has been extremely hard on me and my health.
I’ve been not sleeping, anxious, stomach issues, feeling sluggish and not wanting to run, at all.
After a check in yesterday from my friend, I insisted I would try out the packet again this morning.
Basically after not wanting to workout, feeling down and just tired.

I woke up and took the capsules on an empty stomach.
After 30 minutes, I had oatmeal, then got dropped off at a park at 7am to run.
Instead of feeling blah, I actually felt amazing.
I kicked out 5 solid miles on a trail with negative splits!!!
Then, I walked home 2 miles and still felt amazing – wow.
I had the shake w/about 4 oz chocolate milk – delicious.
After my shower, I put the patch on and mid day had the drink.
To be honest, Im not sure what the patch & drink do, but I want more capsules & shake mix ASAP.


1) 2 Caps on Empty Stomach – 1st thing in AM

2) 20-60 mins later drink Shake
3) Apply patch to clean dry skin.
4) The Red Pouch is basically an extra energy drink or Pre-Workout.


And before you say it’s all in my head…
Before heading to Canada, I tried the product while in Houston.
That morning I ran my fastest mile EVER.
Right after I took the capsules and shake that is…
I thought I’d wait and try it out in a different setting, week, etc.. just to make sure it was real.
It’s real and it’s worth entering to see if it works for you.
I’m giving 2 lucky people, a 5 day pack to check it out.
Good Luck!

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Here’s the official company description…

THRIVE- Premium Lifestyle Mix

• Ultra Micronized • Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula • Probiotic & Enzyme Blend • Antioxidant & Extract Blend• Lean Muscle Support • Weight Management or Fitness • Gluten Free

THRIVE Mix is the finishing touch to the only Ultra Premium Product Line available — THRIVE.  This mix was perfectly designed to complement our THRIVE Lifestyle Capsules. THRIVE Mix combined daily with the THRIVE Capsules, completes a premium lifestyle, and a premium you.  Live more, be more, experience more, THRIVE for more with THRIVE Mix.



Has it Been a Week Already – Giving Thanks

his week I am thankful for…

…spotting this guy yesterday in London.  A Detroit Piston hat while in another country always makes me smile & this guy was SO cool for taking a selfie w/me!   Gotta love seeing Detroit’s awesomeness all over the world!


 …the prettiest sunset I’ve seen since arriving in the U.K. a week ago.  Reminds me of Trinidad…


 …today’s #dooroftheday - I love graffiti and the Shoreditch area has a TON of cool things to see!

..things that make me laugh.


...a fun day poolside with friends at Shoreditch House on Saturday.


…breezy sundresses.  I picked this cute one up at Gap before moving and w/ the 90+ degree temps this week,I needed it!




…finding a great restaurant on Friday night after house hunting in Kingston Upon Thames.  AC, great food, on the river and FABULOUS service…all w/o a reservation!

 What Are You Thankful For This Week?