Let’s Celebrate


If you are reading this, then you made it over to the new blog!
I’m so happy…if we were all together, we’d be drinking champagne right now!

What do you think?


It was time to make “the big move” over to WordPress and a little blog make over!
How did this all happen?
The MOST amazing woman helped me make this all happen ~ Emily White,  formally known as The Blog Fairy!

Emily White Designs

Let me just tell y’all, this woman is simply wonderful!  

I explained what I wanted, she and I emailed and and Skyped back and forth until I was happy.  She explained everything to me throughout the way and  took away all my stress and worries about the big switch.  If you are looking for something big – like a blog redo, something medium – like a Blogger to WP conversion or something small – like a button or watermark…contact her today.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I have finally gotten off my lazy, injured, slightly depressed butt this morning and completed 2 workouts today.  I was feeling bummed out all week about not being able to run, but I think with the blog redo a huge success, I got motivated to get moving.  I killed a P90X arms & ab ripper X dvd.  I feel SO much better now!  I still miss running, but I want to heal properly so I’m following all my rules from my Dr.  I can’t wait to start pool running on Sunday!

Be honest…do you like the new blog?




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        Corey, just testing out the comment system. Let me know if you get an email notification. Comment Luv seems to be working for me now.

          • says

            I went in and changed the setting so that none of the fields (name, email website) are required. But they will need to enter their website if they want Comment Luv to show their last post. You can play w/ WP comment Settings in Settings/Discussion or the Comment Luv settings in Settings/Comment Luv.

  1. Beth says

    Hi Corey – I love the new blog look!! It looks just great!! Congratulations!!!!!! Love you girl!

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      hey there…one of my island ladies…..i hope my mom didn’t raid my BB before I get there in August….. lol You make me jealous everytime you blog about yours…. Thanks for the push!

      xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Amy says

    Not sure why but I can’t get the new blog to come up in my reader? It keeps going back to the old blog.

  3. says

    WOW! Corey, this looks absolutely amazing! I love everything about it! The colours, layout, font, pictures, EVERYTHING! It looks so clean and crisp, yet so fun and colourful! She did an amazing job!

  4. says

    I love the new look! It is Ahhhhh-mazing!!! :) ……I would love to drink champagne to celebrate with you- that would be awesome. (after August that is…) It truly looks great, Corey!!
    Isn’t it crazy how much working out can affect your mood and overall mindset- I totally hear ya there. Good luck pool running on Sunday!

  5. Anonymous says

    Love the new look and miss you tons! The new look reminds me of you and is perfect!! Huge congratulations!! I have given out all my “Corey Cards” in the US!!!