WIAW and Corey’s Favorite Things Giveaway

33 years ago at 9:59 am, I came into the world.
9 pounds 10 ounces…I was a whole lotta baby!

Happy Birthday to me and happy WIAW too.

Peas and Crayons

Here’s some of the fabulous food I ate yesterday!



 I thought it was only fair to hold a giveaway the week of my birthday, so one of my very special readers could get a present too!   I’m giving one of you lucky readers a package containing some of my favorite things!

- 1 4pack of goVino stemless, shatterproof wine glasses
- my latest obsession – glass drinking straws from Strawsome
- an amazing snack pack from New Family Naturals
- my favorite flour sack dishtowels
- my favorite go-to healthy filler – flaxseed meal
- several surprise Trinidad gifts
- – NALGENE Tritan OTG BPA-Free Water Bottle 24 Oz
Here’s how to enter for this giveaway (must be a Learning Patience Follower):
leave a separate comment for each one you do
1.  Visit Learning Patience on Facebook here and tell me one of your favorite things
2. Pin something from Learning Patience Blog onto Pinterest
3.  Share this giveaway on Twitter and tag @Coreylearn with a link to this post.
The winner will be announced on Monday, June 25, 2012.

What is one of your favorite things?


  1. I just posted one of my faves on your FB wall. Yay! This is exciting!

  2. Just pinned your Skinny Pina Colada recipe on Pinterest.

  3. Just Tweeted your giveaway. Hope I followed directions. It’s been a while since I’ve been on Twitter. :)

  4. Happy Birthday, and Happy WIAW! All your food looks so fresh and delicious (even the M&Ms in that bright yellow bag!) Have a super birthday :)

  5. Shoot, I’m at work and can’t post on FB….I’ll put it here and hopefully I’ll remember to come back and paste it to your wall..

    One of my favorite things….Does pizza count??? LOL. How about hearing my niece and nephew giggle!

    AND – Happy Happy Birthday!

  6. I tweeted the giveaway

  7. I pinned your skinny colada b/c I really need to remeber to try it out.

  8. Today I’m going to say that my favourite thing is AIR CONDITIONING! I am so thankful that I live in modern times. I would have made a terrible, whiny pioneer!

  9. Remind me again how I didn’t ALREADY like you on Facebook?!

  10. But most importantly…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! Do something fun. :) (PS – I tweeted)

  12. YAY! Love your giveaway! I FB’ed you!

  13. Pinned the zucchini spaghetti. Now if I could just get over my fear of the mandolin :-/

  14. TA-weeted!!! XO

    PS I’m feeling lucky! ;)

    I’ll post one of my favorite things to facebook!

  16. I know I’ve pinned some of your recipes already– But I do need to pin your spice info so I don’t loose it!

    • u don’t need to pin that…I’ve already gotten you into the spice experimentation area..u are full steam ahead now. xoxo

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Corey!!! Wishing you the best for the Big 3-3!!

    What i’m lovely lately are my Birkies and Shorts…..damm it’s hott today.
    P.S hope you enjoyed your trip :) XX

  18. I posted on your FB wall.

  19. I tried to pin your power balls and I got this error “Sorry, pinning is not allowed from this domain. Please contact the site operator if you have any questions.” Weird!

  20. Entering again and again,hope you r having a great birthday,gotta have the straw

  21. I just pinned the Skinny Pina Colada. I LOVE pina coladas!!

  22. I tweeted! @gfreeislife

    Happy B-day to you!

  23. I pinned the “Spaghetti sauce with Beef”

    Looks amazing!

  24. Happy birthday from your home city of Detroit! :-) This giveaway is so fun! I commented on fb and also pinned your edamame burgers, which I have made a couple times and really love.

    • Hi there girlie….thanks! I hope you have the best day/experience ever… Remember – you control the experience on that day. Its all about you, God and the commitment you are about to experience… I’m SO happy for you….you SO deserve it!

      p.s. did u see I’m a marathon runner now?

  25. I love those glasses!

  26. I posted on your wall on FB. (Kale is my favorite thing)

  27. I pinned your Cauiflower crust pizza! Looks good!

  28. Kara Y. Dickinson says:

    Hi Corey, I’m going to comment on it all. Posted my favorite thing on FB — Rotel sauce.

  29. Kara Y. Dickinson says:

    I pin’ed your skinny coladas and skinny ritas too! Sherri and I were discussing the other day before beach trips.

  30. Kara Y. Dickinson says:

    And, finally, I tweeted, but not very good at it. I need a good tutorial, but I have a few followers, so done. What a great giveaway. Enjoy the rest of your bday week!

  31. You are ridiculously awesome. I shared on your Facebook that you coming to Toronto this summer is one of my favourite things :)

  32. I just pinned you FACE onto my inspiration board. Reading your blog inspires me to live my life to the fullest! I linked your blog to the picture so my followers can check out how awesome you are too ;)

    • YOU did not!!!! Not allowed! You are my inspiration! QUADRUPLE brownie points….and a VERY special hosting gift in August! You are the best! I think we need a Skype date….ok, ok, I need a Skype date. I’m a bit scared…what if I have forgotten how to run?

  33. Tweeted!!!

  34. Of course I’m already a follower and I pinned your delicious looking pot roast! (I had to do it manually though… I think somethings up with your pin button?? – Or I could just be doing it wrong! Also highly likely! Ha!)

  35. I posted one of my favourite things on your FB!

  36. I pinned your fruit pizza on Pinterest! :)

  37. I tweeted!

  38. Thanks for visiting my blog! I was finally able to pin your power balls! Hooray!

  39. I am a follower!

  40. Jordan D says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love those wine glasses! I’m a follower of your blog: jordan.dunne21(at)gmail(dot)com

  41. this great pkg

  42. Jenn Brooks says:

    Hi Corey!
    I love your website! I can’t wait to try your delicious recipes this summer…now that I am off I have more time to try new things!
    I hope to see you soon!
    Miss and luv u!

  43. I’ve MISSED YOU!!!!!
    Please put my name in the hat :) what an AWESOME giveaway!!!!!!

  44. HEY!!!
    I”ve MISSED YOU!!!! Put my name in the hat! What an AWESOME giveaway!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I pinned your granola!!!!! :)

  46. I added a fave to your fb page!!!

  47. those amazing photos!

  48. i just posted of my favourites over on facebook!

  49. i pinned your spaghetti sauce with meat recipe :)

  50. Happy Birthday and What a fantastic giveaway! I just commented on your Facebook :-)

  51. I tweeted! I would really love those wine glasses… and the water bottle…and those Kale chips!!!

  52. Phew! Just got back in town, and couldn’t believe I almost missed this awesomeness! Glass straws? Genius. I think my feed is all up-to-date with your new gorgeous site, and I just stopped by on Facebook!

  53. I posted on your FB page!

  54. What a great give away!! I sure like those so vino glasses and the straw – lots of use in the future for those. :)


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