Beware of Trick or Treating Cows

I read this article yesterday and I just can’t get over it.
Due to the worst drought in modern history, more than half of the nation’s corn crop is destroyed.
That means the price of corn has increased to record levels.
Livestock producers are struggling to feed their herds.
To cope, they came up with a solution – CANDY.
Yes, candy.
I could not make this up if I tried.

Rising corn prices have put the pinch on dairy farmers. So they’ve found something else to feed their cattle: candy. 
Farmers are feeding their cattle chocolate bars, ice cream sprinkles, gummy worms and hard candy mixed into more traditional forms of feed, CNNMoney reported.

 Candy fetches a good price compared with corn, the traditional cattle feed, which as doubled since 2009 due to demand for ethanol used as a fuel additive and this year’s drought, according to CNNMoney. Corn sells for about $315 a ton, while ice cream sprinkles can be purchased for $160 a ton. 

The unusual diet is actually good for cows, farmers and bovine nutritionists told CNNMoney. Sugar helps fatten up cattle without hurting it or people who eat the beef or drink the milk. 
Sugar in ice cream sprinkles seems to boost a cow’s milk production by three pounds a day, said Mike Yoder, an Indiana dairy farmer, who feeds his cows candy, hot chocolate mix, crumbled cookies, breakfast cereal, trail mix, dried cranberries, orange peelings and ice cram sprinkles.

“As the price of corn has climbed, farmers either sold off their pigs and cattle, or they found alternative feeds,” he told CNNMoney. 
Farmers are buying a many different kinds of snacks and food byproducts beat the price of corn. 

“One guy in Montana bought a whole carload of soda crackers as feed,” said Chuck Hurst, a livestock nutritionist in Idaho, according to CNNMoney. “He had to hire a guy to open all the boxes of soda crackers.”
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I don’t eat cows, haven’t since 6th grade, but I thought they were supposed to eat grass.
silly me
I love gummi worms – I hope those candy eating cows don’t drive up my gummi worm prices.
What’s really funny is that candy is made from HFCS – aka corn!

Beware of trick or treating cows on Halloween…
They just might be real cows!


Any exciting plans for the weekend?

I’ll be attending a fabulous event tonight – promise to tell you all about it on Monday
Finishing my Halloween costume – it’s going to be awesome
Enjoying a 4 mile easy run on Saturday with Glen
Going to see TO THE ARCTIC 3D on Sunday