Friday Fabulousness

I am all kinds of fun news today.

Fun Item # 1 – I have been patiently waiting to reveal some exciting news…
I didn’t want to jinx it eariler – MOZY RESTORED MY ENTIRE OLD LAPTOP’s data!
That’s right, I am (almost) back to normal now.
Still stumbling thru Windows 8, but I’m learning more each day.
There are few things more terrifying than thinking you lost 50GB of your life – Thanks MOZY.

Thanks to my Husband TOO
He dealt with about 5000 emotional meltdowns this week regarding my laptop, my pictures, Windows 8, etc..

Fun Item #2 – The hubby and I decorated our Christmas Tree while enjoying Charlie Brown Christmas Wednesday evening.
Didn’t it come out great?!?

Gotta have the MI mitten on the tree

The new medal has to be on it rt?!

Fun Item #3 – We celebrated my girl, Karen’s, birthday yesterday, with a fun lunch @ Chaud.
(thrilled to report they have revamped their wine list) -AWESOME

My “create-my-own” salad

chicken hot pot starter – delicious

Tuna & Salmon Tartar

Fun Item #4 – My new Holiday Cocktail creation
Click here to see the yumminess!!!

Fun Item #5 – TONIGHT is date night!
Life of Pi, Awesome Indian Food, Gallery Event, New Kate Spade Earrings = excited

I hope your weekend plans are excellent!

Holiday Pomegranate Lime Spritzer


There’s nothing like a good cocktail when you’re home for the holidays, right?!
My sister doesn’t love wine quite like I do, but honestly…who does?!?
Plus, she’s still breast feeding and can’t drink a whole lot right now anyways –  sorry if that was TMI.
So on Thanksgiving, I decided to create a fun, holiday cocktail using a white wine base.
It was as fun, festive, low cal and full of antioxidants too!
I used a dry Chardonnay, but later tried it with a Sauvignon Blanc and liked it even better.
(I muddled the pomegranate seeds & added the ice after I took the picture)



Holiday Pomegranate Lime Spritzer
Recipe type: cocktail
  • 4 oz white wine (1/2 cup)
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds (muddled)
  • 2 oz sparkling water (1/4 cup)
  • Optional - If you like it sweet - ½ equal packet
  1. In a glass, add seeds and muddle a little.
  2. Add white wine, squeeze a lime wedge and throw it in and (optional) ½ Equal packet and top with sparkling water and (optional) ice.

  Do you like the sweet cocktails?

I am not a sweet fan – never have been.
My favorites are slightly dirty martinis, vodka tonics, etc…

My WIAW and Some Cool Tips

How cute is my little nephew Ashton?

Good News – Bad News 

Good News – I feel much better than yesterday, no aches, no fever
Bad News – I think I’m close to coughing up a lung
I am heading to the dr later today – I don’t need bronchitis

Peas and Crayons

Here’s my WIAW, warning, not that exciting…I’m sick remember?!

breakfast – insulin and oatmeal

lots and lots and lots of water

lunch – split pea soup & cold medicine

more water and sleep

dinner – pizza from Buzo and more soup and more water

Told you…boring.

Now time for the FUN!

 I hope you enjoy these helpful, fun and money saving tips…I know I did!

Tip 1
– Press on the bulbus end of an avocado to see if it’s ripe.  It it presses in, it’s ready to eat!
I tried this last week while in the U.S. and it worked like a charm every time!

Tip 2 – Make your own Christmas Ornament with a foam ball and brass thumb tacks – classy!
So trying this soon…

Tip 3 – Most credit cards now offer an additional 1 year garentee of major purchases, so think twice about buying that extended warranty.

Tip 4 – When shopping online, keep items in your basket and wait a couple days…
I have recently experienced 15% to 30% off in addition to the sale price to “complete my order”.

Tip 5 – Wanna clean up your Twitter feed?  Head to Twit Cleaner today.
I saw this here, did it this am and am SO happy!

Got any random tips for me today?

I could use some way to speed up bone healing