I’m NO Quitter

Sometimes when you push yourself to your limits, you are forced with the decision to keep going or give up.
This morning, I had one of those moments.
I decided to run my long run today, because tomorrow has way too much going on…
I ate a good dinner, laid out all the long running gear and went to bed early.
At 4:45, I was ready to go.
I ate some oatmeal & was happy to see my blood sugar was sitting around 200.
I taped my bad foot and left.
Glen came with for safety (even though he was sick) and my first 4 miles felt great.
I stopped for water and checked DEX and was SHOCKED to see my sugar was at 380.
not good
At this point, I could have stopped running.
Glen got my insulin, I took some and took off again.
I kept going.
Then, my bad foot started hurting.
I stopped, changed my tape and took off again.
I kept going.
After 2 more miles, I took a big swig of what I thought was watered down OJ…
It turned out to be leftover champagne from the Monday card game event I hosted.
I almost threw up.
I was pretty sure this run was cursed at this point.
I thought about going home, going back to bed and calling it a morning.
Then, I thought about my half marathon in 16 days.
I kept going.
After mile 8, I needed fuel, even though DEX said I was high.
I reached for a GU and gagged it down – peanut butter.
I started choking – why was this GU so thick, I was wondering…
It was an after-run GU, 100 calories, 20 carbs of thick disgusting PB.
I didn’t even know those existed (new GU user).
I felt sick, really sick.
I kept going.
I knew that the GU was too much, I knew it was too heavy and gross.
I got sick, just a little bit.
I kept going.
I was pretty proud of myself at this point.
Until I looked at my Garmin and saw it stopped tracking my miles correctly.
This could have been the straw that broke my back, but…
I finished my run.

I walked back to my condo, dreaming of my ice bath.
When I tried opening the door, I realized my cold medicine, drugged up husband, accidentally locked me out.
I just stood there thinking...this is not my day.
25 minutes of banging, doorbell ringing and my blood sugar falling later, he finally heard me.

After an ice bath, big breakfast and some family Skype time – I feel better.
I am proud of myself.
I didn’t give up.
I pushed through the pain & frustration.

Working hard toward a goal isn’t supposed to be easy.

It’s challenging, sometimes seeming impossible.

That is the reason you feel INCREDIBLE when you achieve it. 

thought this was funny

 Have you ever had one of these kinds of runs?



  1. says

    I’ve never had a run like that but I’ve certainly had days like that. And when I let those days get me down, they turn into weeks, sometimes even months. But when I push through, choose mind over matter, I feel so much better. What I’m trying to say is, I can kind of relate. And I know how hard it is to get through it, but you’re not alone. Brava, sista. :)

  2. says

    Wow, congrats on puching so hard!!! This is how goals are reached – by never giving up. You’ve inspired me for fighting for my goals!

  3. says

    Oh Corey!! When it rains it pours….you did amazing pushing through it. I feel your pain w/ the mimosa – I had vodka in a water bottle (don’t ask) and thought it was water….took a huge swig after a long run. I got sick, and still cannot drink vodka.

  4. says

    It does feel like everything bad happens at once, doesn’t it??? I’m so glad Glen woke up to let you in and there were no serious catastrophes! I have to admit, I giggled a little when you drank the champagne, but I would have totally gotten sick!

    Also, I have your DEX gel for you! :)