Waiting and some Link Love

Yes, I’m still waiting for my MRI results.
I hate waiting.
To keep my mind off of it, I have a fun lunch with Q today!
Hopefully, sometime today, Ill get them.
Until the results come, I promise the doc I would NOT run – it’s been 4 days and I’m dying to get out there.


Here’s some fun, funny, delicious, interesting and motivating link love!

Need some running motivation – check out these 101 reasons

This is one of my favorite blogs – ever – check it out

Check out this amazing looking lobster roll – it made me jealous I wasn’t eating it!

I put this on my to-make-soon list, Tiff loved it!  Mexican Minestrone

Jenna got engaged – and the proposal was amazing – click here to feel all lovey-dovey

My girl, Melissa, had her NY marathon dreams crushed last week…
BUT she is running the 26.2 in Richmond this weekend instead, click here and give her some encouragement!

I just stumbled onto this blog recently and it’s very humorous – My Husband is Annoying


I promise an update later todayhopefully with good news.
I also made one of my ole favorite recipes for Glen  last night and I realized I have never blogged about it!
I will post it later – it’s a super easy and delicious dish.

Please comment with some links to your favorite blogs!



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      Im not either Heather and at 830am…Im STILL waiting this Friday morning. I was so frustrated yesterday…I actually took off for a run.. It was actually a nice run..I duct tape my foot but…oh well.

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    Three things:
    1. Saying prayers that you get a good report and you can come to St Pete! I want to see you at the race!
    2. I got my first dose of T1 this morning. I barely remember my purse in the morning much less all those supplies. :(
    3. My favorite blogs currently:
    Partly because this is my running expert and coach – she’s helping me make sure I finish this half under the time limit.
    Its a funny blog about weight loss. And I found her on Pinterest and made my motivation marbles from her idea.

    • says

      Thanks Melissa…I cant wait to see what you thought about being a diabetic for a day! Still waiting on MRI results…BOO. Thanks for the new blog links…checking them out now!