Giving Thanks – What a Week

This week I am thankful for

my supportive, funny, adorable, caring, spontaneous husband.
This has been one of the hardest 6 months of my life and I could not have done it all without him cheering me on the whole way!
I also love how I can say, “Why don’t we spend Christmas in NY?” and he answers – “Great Idea, book it!”.

taking the time Thursday morning to make this delicious breakfast for myself!


that Karen (and Kevin) got back last nightwe always miss them when their gone.

my DailyMile support system – runners are the best people to talk to about running stuff and injuries.
They understand you.  If you run and you haven’t checked out the DailyMile…click over’s one of the most amazing and supportive websites out there – PERIOD.  I really can’t explain how much it’s meant to me….


funny things I find on the internet – these made me smile, laugh and save to my cell, so everyone I see in the next week can see them!  #spreadinglaughter


the fun night we had on Tuesday at Bombay Dreams – it’s so much fun, getting all dressed up!


my upcoming half marathon in St. Petersburg Florida.
Melissa & I are going to have a blast – a weekend of fun in the sun, running, laughs and maybe a few cocktails!

our fabulous date night on Friday!  We at Buzo and tried out a bunch of new menu items – amazing & then we went to see The Bay – super awesome, scary and gross – I suggest it!

 …today’s opportunity to go sailing!  It looks like a beautiful day and we can’t wait for some fun time on the water!

What are you thankful for today?