Hot Toddy

Today is a holiday in Trinidad – it’s Diwali.
Diwali, is also known as the Festival of Lights.

*Trinidad & Tobago has a good number of Indian populations.
For that reason, Hindu festivals, customs, traditions and observances forms an integral part of the society, which comprises the unique beauty of the twin island state.
The Diwali celebration has a unique flavor here in the Caribbean island nation.
Here 43%of the 1.3 million populations are ethnic Indians.
Although it is a Hindu festival, in the island’s multicultural and multi-religious society it is a national holiday observed by people of all denominations.
The day is marked by prayers, feasts and the lighting of thousands of diyas (small clay pots filled with oil in which a wick is immersed and lit) all over the country.
The climax of Diwali however, is the lighting of diyas after sundown – a delightful experience that should never be missed.
(hopefully it stops raining)

In yards, open spaces, staircases, roundabouts and porches, diyas are lit by the thousands.
They are usually placed on bamboo stalks bent into fantastic shapes and designs.
(i really hope it stops raining)

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When it’s rainy, chilly or you’re sick – a Hot Toddy is the perfect drink.
Over the past couple years, I have perfected my Hot Toddy recipe.
My husband is a HUGE Crown Royal lover.
I hate Rye….but I actually love this drink!


Hot Toddy Anyone?
  • 2 oz Crown Royal
  • juice of a wedge of lemon
  • 1½ cups hot water
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • ⅛ tsp cinnamon
  • 2 Tbsp Honey
  1. Heat water and steep tea.
  2. In a mug, pour Crown, squeeze lemon, add cinnamon.
  3. Add tea, stir and enjoy!

 What’s your favorite cold weather drink?




  1. says

    I love mulled wine and usually make my own at Christmastime. However, I recently discovered Leelanau Cellars’ Witches Brew, which is better than my homemade mulled wine. All the spices are already added, so all I have to do is heat it up. Yum! I hope it dries up for you guys tonight, but enjoy that hot toddy either way. :-)

  2. says

    There were Diwali celebrations all over Bangkok too! I was mildly concerned about the fireworks people set off in the middle of the city, but I loved all the colors and lights!