Running, World DIabetes Day and WIAW

Today is World Diabetes Day.
I started my day with a run.

I realize that I haven’t told ya’ll the results from my MRI last week.
They weren’t good.
I have a hairline fracture in my rt foot.
I am on crutches and wearing an aircast.
Am I going to FL on Friday to run on Sunday?
I am taping my foot and running.
I do not advise others to take my course of action.
This is my decision and I need to run.
After all the crap I have been through this year and all the training I’ve done…
I need to run this race.
It’s that simple.
I haven’t ran in 11 days.
I have just been resting, but I decided I would do a solid 3 miler this morning.
It went well.
I tapped my foot, really well and got a great sweat on!
My foot is a little sore  but it feels great.

 Today is Wednesday…which means it’s WIAW.
Thanks to Jenn for hosting the weekly WIAW roundup! 


Mexican Quinoa – recipe coming tomorrow

 not pictured – white wine

Mushroom Rice, Salad, Veggie Stir Fry & Rosemary roll

 not pictured – red wine

Yesterday,  we got to experience Diwali.
Diwali, is also known as the Festival of Lights.
It was beautiful.
Diyas (small clay pots filled with coconut oil) were everywhere and being lit by families.
I’m very happy we got to experience it!

Are you wearing blue today for World Diabetes Day?

If so, click over here and post your picture – I’d love to see y’all!