The Past 2 Days – Melke Style


My nephew is SO cute, I had to lead with his picture today.
I had 2 of the boys outside with me yesterday, and the next thing I knew…Ashton was eating dirt.
I snapped one picture before cleaning him up…I had too!


It was been a bit of a whirlwind since I arrived in MI.
I love family time, but it’s a huge change from our quiet condo in Trinidad.
We have had lots of laughs, food, fun and only a smattering of some minor disagreements.
But, what would a family get together be without a few of those, right?


Wednesday night, the Melke crew headed out for some drinks, pull tabs and karaoke.

Photo1 (6)


Photo1 (5)






My mom decided we need to sing karaoke, us Melke’s love our karaoke.
Oh yea…we sang.
Have I ever mentioned that I can’t sing a lick?
I blame it on years of cheerleading…
American Pie – one of our favorite family songs.
My dad took pictures- basically, he wussed out.
We had a blast!



We won over 140 bucks on pull tabs (it’s a lotto game).
That was enough to pay each of us back and pay the bar tab with tip.
That’s good enough for me!


Before we ate turkey yesterday…
We watched the Texans beat the Lions in a nail bitting football game.
I had decided to root for my Texans…my dad wasn’t too happy when they won.
Good thing it was time for dinner at that moment!
The food was amazing and it was a true team effort!




BEST GRAVY EVER thanks to Tony’s Mom, Kathy!



watch for this recipe coming soon – it was delicious




Gobble, Gobble Everyone

Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas.
The fun never stops in this family.



  1. Kara Y. Dickinson says


    You and your sister look sooo much alike! It looks like you had a great day — the Texans game was great and it’s so funny because I turned to Nigel and said, I wonder who Corey’s rooting for today? Enjoy your family Christmas and then … Trinidad because “Trini Christmas is de bess.”

    • says

      OMG…everyone says that…too funny! LOL I have been rooting for the Texans all year…the game was amazing! Back in Trinidad now….I missed my island home

  2. Bari says

    Welcome back to Michigan! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving – enjoy your Christmas tomorrow.