Giving Thanks – Happy to be Home


This week I am thankful for…

…meeting Sugar – she is the best furry sister I could ask for….she likes her new sweater too!

…that I’m home after my long trip to the States…I missed my husband.

my shiny, new, half marathon medal…still so proud of myself!


…celebrating Christmas in MI on Saturday – fun, family and presents!

…a quick lunch with friends yesterday on my layover in Houston!

…eating good Chinese food in South Lyon – Fortuna Inn is THES BEST.


Mozy – thank god I was using this online backup system.  Friday night, I spilled water on my laptop and it died.
I’m currently restoring my shiny, new HP Envy m4 as I type….

 …my new laptop…as soon as I learn how to use Windows 8 and re-download all my old programs, I’m sure I’ll love it.

What are you thankful for this week?



  1. says

    Hope you had a happy thanksgiving, Corey! I miss you guys! Please say hi to Glen from us :)
    Hmm I’m thankful for so many things –
    …my legs being able to increase milage over the past few weeks
    …my grandparents still being alive (we had a death in the family last week and it made me realize how lucky I am)
    …POPCORN! I can’t stop eating it and I love it!
    …Princeton who makes me smile every day :)
    …aaaaaand all the amazing holiday deals in stores right now! Happy Christina, unhappy wallet :)