My Life – By The Numbers

I’m sick.
Really sick.
It hit me last night around midnight. 102 fever, body aches, twitching, restless sleep. sore throat, coughing and phlegm city.
I hate “having a fever” sick.
It’s the worst.
I even had to cancel my foot dr. apt today, that’s how bad I feel.
my dr. apt is now Thursday – hopefully i’ll be running again soon
I really hate being sick…especially since its been a beautiful day outside with lots of sun!

Today will be spent resting, eating soup, sleeping and reading the HUGE stack of magazines I brought back from the U.S.

I spotted this while blog surfing the other day and I wanted to play too!
I thought it was a fun way to share our lives with each other.
Check out these other by the numbers – Alison’s –Kristen’s – Greta

33 – number of years I’ve been alive
0 – number kids I have and want in the future
4 – number of different states/places I’ve lived Michigan, NY, Texas and Trinidad
12 – the age I stopped eating meat
22 – the age I started eating chicken again
2 – the number of watches I own
30 – my age when I got married
1 – the number of Wrestle Manias I’ve attended
1 – the number of vegetables I can’t stand – onions
8 – average sleep time
2 – how many half marathons I have completed
8 – the amount of miles I can comfortable run rt now
489 – my blood sugar reading when diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August
2 – different kinds of insulin I take everyday
10 – the amount of bruises I have from injection sites right now
4 – the shows I’m addicted to rt now – Revenge, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Parenthood
39 – the number of years my parents have been married
4 – the number of vacations I currently have planned – NYC (dec), Tobago (jan), Caribbean Cruise (feb) and Sailing Trip thru the Grenadines (april)
5000 – the number I use when exaggerating in daily conversations
28 – countries I have visited

Those are my numbers…

Gimme a couple of your numbers! 



  1. says

    Hi Corey, it’s nice to meet you! I’m jealous of your travels. Not your sickness, though…I hope you feel better soon! My husband can’t stand onions either…he gets physically ill if he accidentally gets a bite. It’s pretty dramatic. 😀 I hope you’ll stop back by my post and link up to share yours with the others!

  2. bonnie says

    Sorry you r feelin bad.Liked the numbers you put up.Hope the foot gets well before we come.We cant wait for T%T