Friday Fabulousness

I am all kinds of fun news today.

Fun Item # 1 – I have been patiently waiting to reveal some exciting news…
I didn’t want to jinx it eariler – MOZY RESTORED MY ENTIRE OLD LAPTOP’s data!
That’s right, I am (almost) back to normal now.
Still stumbling thru Windows 8, but I’m learning more each day.
There are few things more terrifying than thinking you lost 50GB of your life – Thanks MOZY.

Thanks to my Husband TOO
He dealt with about 5000 emotional meltdowns this week regarding my laptop, my pictures, Windows 8, etc..

Fun Item #2 – The hubby and I decorated our Christmas Tree while enjoying Charlie Brown Christmas Wednesday evening.
Didn’t it come out great?!?

Gotta have the MI mitten on the tree

The new medal has to be on it rt?!

Fun Item #3 – We celebrated my girl, Karen’s, birthday yesterday, with a fun lunch @ Chaud.
(thrilled to report they have revamped their wine list) –AWESOME

My “create-my-own” salad
chicken hot pot starter – delicious
Tuna & Salmon Tartar

Fun Item #4 – My new Holiday Cocktail creation
Click here to see the yumminess!!!

Fun Item #5 – TONIGHT is date night!
Life of Pi, Awesome Indian Food, Gallery Event, New Kate Spade Earrings = excited

I hope your weekend plans are excellent!



  1. Karen says

    Fabulous fun!!! Great week!! And thanks for making my birthday so fun!! Live the tree, the cool glasses, and your awesome new errings!! Can I borrow those???:)