Giving Thanks


This week I am thankful for…

…my two amazing Skype dates with Hayley & Melissa 3 hours of my Sunday well-spent! #blogfriendsrock

…one of the best weekends in a while – date night, friend time, breakfast at Peche, Skype dates, 5000 laughs & lots and lots of hubby time!  It helped keep my mind off my foot problems! #stillsmiling

Love my new #katespade

…discovering Apsara – this Indian restaurant knocked my aircast off on Friday night.
Still upset I have not experienced it earlier!  If you live in Trinidad and have not been – go ASAP.
The service was impeccable & the food was beyond delicious.  #winner

…my new “pets” – Glen bought me a zebra (UPC) and a dog (Oscar) in 1 weekend! #solucky

Meet UPC & Oscar


 …my friend Lydia –  She’s been helping me all weekend score a DR apt in Houston…. #lifesaver


What are you thankful for this week?




  1. Lydia says

    You are welcome. The rooster pic again? Surely you have others. Talk tomorrow after I get with Dr. P.