The Best Restaurant I’ve Been Missing Out On – Apsara

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned, that Glen and I had an awesome date night on Friday.
We headed to Apsara, a fabulous Indian restaurant in town.
I love Indian food and am still wondering what took me so long to check it out.
Seriously – this place was amazing!
It’s a must, must, must visit.


The restaurant is full of elephants and twinkle lights and the servers wear traditional Indian garb.
The staff was friendly and the service was excellent.
I loved how the menu was laid out, it described every single item, in detail, very helpful.
I was in heaven when I saw the extensive Naan bread list  – love me some Naan bread!
We picked the garlic one and wow – amazing!
Seriously, I could have eaten 2 baskets myself.

With over 8 different Naan choices – We decided on the Garlic Naan

yellow dahl

We started with the scallop appetizer – they were excellent.

Dessert was delicious!

Glen and I both left with very full bellies!
No complaints, not one.
That’s a first!

Bonus – Apsara is open on Sunday too.

Do you like Indian food?