Dear Santa…

I have a very, short list for Santa this year.
I want to be able to run.
Some of you may be wondering how my foot has been…
Last Thursday, I met with my Dr. here in Trinidad and he told me I needed to see a specialist.
I didn’t know this before my marathon, but apparently my fracture didn’t run North to South in my bone, it ran horizontally, going thru my joint.  It’s a unique fracture, compounded with my injury in May and that leaves a lot of questions.
1) Should I let it heal and try to run again?
2) Will it be strong enough after it heals to handle running without surgery?
3) Should we let it heal and then think about surgery?
4) How does the diabetes affect it all?
The last thing i want, is to get the boot off, start training and 10 weeks from now, have this all happen again, for the 3rd time.
My friend Lydia scored me an apt with her orthopedic genius in Houston on Monday. #sograteful
I am getting on a plane Sunday for Houston.
I just got home and i have to leave…again…without my husband.
That makes me sad, but knowing what the future holds “foot-wise” helps me move forward.
Until Monday, all I can do is wait.
Wish me luck!
Recognizing I have been a lazy blob for the last 2 weeks…
Glen and I started a new workout plan this morning.
Bright and early – 5:30am.
We did a full arm circuit focusing on triceps, biceps and shoulders.
Used hand weights, did push ups, chin ups and used the TRX.
After arms, we focused on abs and superman’s.
Here is part of the tricep routine we did..
I depend on my husband to keep me on track, he expects the same.
Yup, even me…I need a push and motivation just like anyone else.
Afterwards, we both felt like a million bucks!

Do you work out with your spouse?



  1. says

    That’s great that you guys are working out together–I’m sure it would motivate me to work out with someone!

    I’m so sorry you have to go to Houston alone. You know I would be there if I could. I hope it’s a worthwhile trip and the doctor can help. XOXO

  2. says

    I do not work out with my spouse. He wants to run with me but I run to escape and prefer running alone.

    Good luck in Houston – I’m sorry you have to go alone. Will your friend go to the appt with you?