My Phone Filled WIAW

I think I spent all day on the phone.
I hate talking on the phone.
hate hate hate it
The day was spent, making appointments, getting plans in place for Houston, etc…
Needless to say, I plan on spending less than 3 minutes talking on the phone today.
Ok, thanks for letting me vent!
Does anyone else hate talking on the phone?

It’s Wednesday…which means it’s WIAW time!
The highlight of my day yesterday, was a fun lunch with a new friend.
She insisted we get dessert, I had a bite and was proud I could refuse the rest.
I had the BEST dinner ever though…see that gumbo?

Watch for the recipe later today – it’s amazing!


Last night, I finally got to see Breaking Dawn – Part 2.
I loved it…
I thought it was a perfect end to a wonderful series.

Have you ever made gumbo before?



  1. says

    Yep, another phone hater here. I mean, with texting, Skype, email, social networking, etc is it really neccesary to actually speak on the phone anymore?! Don’t even get me started on voicemail! 😉 Of course I’m partially joking, as phone calls with people I love sometimes the brightest part of an otherwise dull day. As far as making appointments, arrangements, placing orders though? If I can’t do it online, I probably just won’t do it.