Best Birthday Balloon Surprise


Last week, I started putting a special birthday surprise together for my husband.
I thought it would be awesome if I emailed friends and family and ask them to decorate a balloon.
I told them to blow up a balloon, create your birthday message, take a pic and email it to me by Friday night.
Then, I put them in MovieMaker, added music and bam – Glen’s Balloon Birthday Surprise was made!

Here’s the video I made…

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Glen's 36th 001




Of course some of our amazing blog friends sent their birthday love too!
Melissa @ Hungry Healthy Happy,  Hayley @ Oat Couture and Christina @ The Athletarian

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Glen LOVED the surprise!
He was definitely feeling the love from friends and family.
I think it’s the perfect idea for expats, military or anyone who might live far away from their friends and family.


Thursday night, we headed to Chaud for Glen’s fancy birthday dinner.
It was my first time their for dinner, as we normally only go for lunch.
I was impressed.
The mushroom, polenta and parmesan cheese appetizer was heavenly!
I also asked them to make a custom salad and they agreed.
The scallop salad was amazing and Glen loved his steak plate!
Our waitress suggested a wonderful red wine and except for the absence of Crown Royal, the night was a success!








Look for more birthday weekend fun later today in my Giving Thanks post!


Foot Update

I’m in Houston and off to see the foot specialist in one hour.
Wish me luck!

The New Kid in Town – Paprika


Wednesday evening, Glen and I attended the soft opening of Paprika.
It’s a rare occasion that we go out on a Wednesday, but I was dying to check out this what’s sure to be, a new hot-spot!
This restaurant/lounge is located on Rust Street in Port of Spain.
We arrived around 8:30 and the place was packed!


The building is separated into mini rooms – the first is a mixture of nature and glamor – it’s beautiful.



The second room has a sexy, vampire, industrial feel.
It’s the massive, black chandelier hanging from the ceiling that makes it for me.


There were 2 others rooms.
One had an African animal theme (I think) and the other had an Indian inspired theme (so pretty).


Once we made it to the bar, I was impressed to see they were pouring my favorite – Veuve.
I never say no to some free bubbles.
Well done Paprika!


They were passing around several bites.
Glen tried the ceviche (he wasn’t a fan) and beef patties (he loved).
To be fair, Glen really doesn’t like ceviche anyways.
I think the plan is for Paprika to be a restaurant during the day and a bar in the evening.
Don’t quote me on that though…



Around 10 pm, they had a mini Carnival parade come from the street and parade all throughout the bar.
It got everyone up and dancing and smiling!



Instead of getting a pic with this guy, I should have asked him about his ab routine – holy moley!

After the Carnival band left, these weird things showed up and danced.
I think they were creepy but people seemed to like them….





Lots of dancing, great music, fabulous drinks and pretty people everywhere.
I think the décor was amazing – never seen anything like it yet in Trinidad.
Go check it out – I expect it will be a new hot spot!
I know we will be going back soon… 


My boot rocked the red carpet…