The New Kid in Town – Paprika


Wednesday evening, Glen and I attended the soft opening of Paprika.
It’s a rare occasion that we go out on a Wednesday, but I was dying to check out this what’s sure to be, a new hot-spot!
This restaurant/lounge is located on Rust Street in Port of Spain.
We arrived around 8:30 and the place was packed!


The building is separated into mini rooms – the first is a mixture of nature and glamor – it’s beautiful.



The second room has a sexy, vampire, industrial feel.
It’s the massive, black chandelier hanging from the ceiling that makes it for me.


There were 2 others rooms.
One had an African animal theme (I think) and the other had an Indian inspired theme (so pretty).


Once we made it to the bar, I was impressed to see they were pouring my favorite – Veuve.
I never say no to some free bubbles.
Well done Paprika!


They were passing around several bites.
Glen tried the ceviche (he wasn’t a fan) and beef patties (he loved).
To be fair, Glen really doesn’t like ceviche anyways.
I think the plan is for Paprika to be a restaurant during the day and a bar in the evening.
Don’t quote me on that though…



Around 10 pm, they had a mini Carnival parade come from the street and parade all throughout the bar.
It got everyone up and dancing and smiling!



Instead of getting a pic with this guy, I should have asked him about his ab routine – holy moley!

After the Carnival band left, these weird things showed up and danced.
I think they were creepy but people seemed to like them….





Lots of dancing, great music, fabulous drinks and pretty people everywhere.
I think the décor was amazing – never seen anything like it yet in Trinidad.
Go check it out – I expect it will be a new hot spot!
I know we will be going back soon… 


My boot rocked the red carpet…


  1. Ooohhh la la!!! This place looks amazing :) The chandeliers do it for me big time!! I luv me some bubbly as well lol

    Have a great weekend chica!

  2. excellent! wonderful revue :)


  1. [...] PAPRIKA RESTAURANT & BAR (Port of Spain, Trinidad) - PAPRIKA has reopened with a new menu at a new location, #15 Rust Street.  Currently, PAPRIKA is open for dinner from 6pm, Tuesday – Saturday.  (868) 622-5930.  Link to coverage of the restaurant’s soft opening. [...]

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