Thankful Thursday


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This week I am thankful for…

It’s not Sunday, so why am I “giving thanks” today?
I have decided to move my gratitude post to Thursday.
I tend to reflect and be thankful on Sunday anyways.
So, I decided a mid-week reminder would help me remember the little things, that make life amazing!
Let’s get started.


…a up close and personal concert by Kes the Band at Glen’s Christmas work party on Saturday night. Kes saw me dancing w/my boot and he stopped singing, asked me my name and told the crowd how awesome it was i was stress free and happy!  It was COOL!


…discovering the BEST falafel sandwich ever in Trinidad.


…for all our friends and family for helping surprise my husband on his birthday on Saturday.
I made this video..u gotta watch it!

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…rainbow send-offs at the airport.


…Trini Christmas decorations.


…my amazing, supportive, loving, patient, kind, intelligent husband.  I won the lottery with him for sure!!! #lucky


…finding a Dr. who knows what’s wrong with my foot and knows how to fix it.

What are you thankful for this week?



  1. TriniChow says

    Love Hasan’s too for their falafel! Please ping me when you’re back in town, would love to get together:)

    • says

      Why have I not experienced it this past 18 months ?! robbed!! :-) Most def. girlie…as u have read my summer and yr have sucked. Bad luck. In Houston awaiting surgery….totally sucks. expect to be in Trinidad after Christmas…cant wait to hook up!

      xoxo from Texas