Win Some, Lose Some


Today was a win-some, lose-some kind of day.
Good parts first…

1 – I won a giveaway – I never-ever win anything.
I won it over on this awesome blog.
I scored a handmade necklace w/a blue mother of pearl circle, symbolizing World Diabetes Day.


2 – I received an email from my husband that made me grin from ear to ear.
Short, simple and completely adorable.

First off, I LOVE YOU!

So cute right?

Glen arrives tomorrow, I’m happy he’s coming,
I miss him.  a lot.
And…the closer I get to Tuesday, the more real this becomes.


3 – I got to workout today at my old gym and see the wonderful Eric. (my trainer)
He so sweet and nice on the eyes as well.
Winking smile


Not a tiny workout either…I killed it.
I taped my foot, sweated my ass off and loved every second of it.
Including the 3 (almost) 2 minute planks on an upside down bosu ball. #fitfluential


Curious about the lose-some part of my day?

Ever since last weeks sickness…I have been feeling great.
Until 2 days ago, I noticed a cough.
I thought it was from the weather change and a runny nose, but it got worse.
I headed to the ER today because I DO NOT want anything preventing me from Tuesday.
I got a breathing treatment, a VERY painful steroid shot in my bum and was told I have viral bronchitis.
I need to catch a break, ASAP.

Hopefully, I can shake it! #fingerscrossed

Have you ever had a steroid shot in the bum?

It freaking hurt, a lot.



  1. says

    Saw you win over at TMP! Was very jealous, those necklaces are cute :)
    Does the steroid shot impact your blood sugar levels at all? I take inhaled steroids (asthma related) and topical ones (ezecma related) which don’t affect my levels but I was offered steroids in pill form for a chest infection/asthma and was a bit uneasy about taking it cause I know they raise my levels a bit!
    Never had a shot tho, doesn’t sound like much fun at all! :(

    Best wishes, and hope you are feeling better soon :)

    • says

      Thanks! I never win anything girl! YES…I had NO idea at the time but last night was the worst night of my life… My sugar went to 500 – I took 28 units of Humalog in 3 hours…it was scary. Never get a steroid shot….never. Back almost to normal now but I usually do 16 units of Humalog a week and in the past 24 hrs. I have taken over 55 units…simply crazy!

  2. says

    NOOOO!!! We have to get you 100% healthy! You need a break from all of this nonsense :(

    I’m so glad Glen is there with you now. Skype today??? LMK! I want to talk to you before tomorrow.

  3. Megan says

    After seeing your trainer, I lost track of what I was going to say! I have had a steroid shot in my bumm before. Not fun at all. And I noticed from your hospital bracelet that were almost the exact same age. I’m 3 days older than you :)