My Foodless WIAW


I sure can rock a hospital gown eh?!
Yesterday, was the big day – LisFranc surgery on my foot.
I was scared my procedure would get postponed due to my bronchitis, really scared.
I coughed all night hoping to get rid of whatever was in my system and prayed.
I felt confident they would OK me, until the nurse told me I had a small fever.
However, everyone agreed my lungs sounded great, so we were a go.
The plan was to skip general anesthesia and make me sleepy/forget all while using nerve blockers.
The dr. said that it would probably take around an hour and half.
I kinda remember being awake for the nerve blocker shots and the next thing I knew it was almost 4 hours later.
Apparently, the surgery took longer than expected but it went well.  As you can see in the pictures below, I now have 2 big screws, 4 small screws, some kinda spring thing and a titanium plate in my rt foot.  I’m in a splint until Friday, when hopefully I can be placed in a hard cast.  #cantwait2pickoutacolor

monkey 2

Like my monkey?
I think I’ll name him Linus.
I watched Charlie Brown Christmas last night.
He’s cute, soft and supportive…a perfect, get-well soon friend!


The nerve blockers started to wear off last night and BOY OH BOY, I’m in some pain.
Pain pills every 4 hours (at least), foot above head, bedridden until Friday.
Glen and I had to cancel our NYC trip…
But the nice folks at Andaz 5th Ave, United and, all refunded our non-refundable reservations!

Foot Hardware 3

Foot Hardware 1

Happy WIAW.
You know the rule, nothing to eat or drink after midnight when you’re having surgery.
So…I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything until almost 5pm.


4 rice cakes – to settle my tummy after surgery


Steaz Ice Tea – Peach

not pictured: Glen hit up Panera for me and I had a turkey cranberry 1/2 panini and a cup of creamy chicken and rice soup


 not pictured: sugar free pecan delight dark chocolate treat


What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

I know, totally unrelated question…
Mine are Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life.