My Foodless WIAW


I sure can rock a hospital gown eh?!
Yesterday, was the big day – LisFranc surgery on my foot.
I was scared my procedure would get postponed due to my bronchitis, really scared.
I coughed all night hoping to get rid of whatever was in my system and prayed.
I felt confident they would OK me, until the nurse told me I had a small fever.
However, everyone agreed my lungs sounded great, so we were a go.
The plan was to skip general anesthesia and make me sleepy/forget all while using nerve blockers.
The dr. said that it would probably take around an hour and half.
I kinda remember being awake for the nerve blocker shots and the next thing I knew it was almost 4 hours later.
Apparently, the surgery took longer than expected but it went well.  As you can see in the pictures below, I now have 2 big screws, 4 small screws, some kinda spring thing and a titanium plate in my rt foot.  I’m in a splint until Friday, when hopefully I can be placed in a hard cast.  #cantwait2pickoutacolor

monkey 2

Like my monkey?
I think I’ll name him Linus.
I watched Charlie Brown Christmas last night.
He’s cute, soft and supportive…a perfect, get-well soon friend!


The nerve blockers started to wear off last night and BOY OH BOY, I’m in some pain.
Pain pills every 4 hours (at least), foot above head, bedridden until Friday.
Glen and I had to cancel our NYC trip…
But the nice folks at Andaz 5th Ave, United and, all refunded our non-refundable reservations!

Foot Hardware 3

Foot Hardware 1

Happy WIAW.
You know the rule, nothing to eat or drink after midnight when you’re having surgery.
So…I wasn’t able to eat or drink anything until almost 5pm.


4 rice cakes – to settle my tummy after surgery


Steaz Ice Tea – Peach

not pictured: Glen hit up Panera for me and I had a turkey cranberry 1/2 panini and a cup of creamy chicken and rice soup


 not pictured: sugar free pecan delight dark chocolate treat


What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

I know, totally unrelated question…
Mine are Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life.



  1. says

    Hang in there, girlie. With all that you’ve been through this year, 2013 has just GOT to be your year!!
    I know it sounds odd to name such a “new” movie as my fave, but Elf is definitely my favorite Christmas movie. I do love the classics, but none of the others make me smile as much as Elf. :)

  2. Beth says

    You are super sexy in that gown. That is one nasty foot repair. I can only imagine how bad that must hurt.

    A Christmas Story. Hands down

  3. says

    Ouch! Those x-rays are pretty scary! I hope that the pain killers do their job and you start feeling better soon.
    So my favorite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street (the one from about 20 years ago). However I also watched Home Alone with my 6 year old daughter last night and LOVED hearing her laugh out loud at all the funny parts. It reminded me how much I used to LOVE watching that movie when I was younger.

    • says

      I know…things are finally improving and I have tons of pain meds now so that is also a plus. But this was one crazy week. Home Alone…good call…I watched Miracle on 34th street all weekend.. LOVE that movie

  4. Megan says

    Yikes!! First, the monkey is cute, he looks like a great healing buddy. Those pins are insane! I really hope you have a speedy and healthy recovery. Go for the hot pink cast!