Thankful Thursday


I promised to be honest on the blog when I started…
The past 2 days, have been HORRIBLE.
Barely sleeping, crazy pain and just feeling out- right, rotten.
I hate to complain or cry or feel bad…
I mean, I did do this to myself after all. Foot Hardware 3 I wasn’t going to blog today.
I have cried buckets…
I have spent the last 2 nights, shaking from intense pain…
And when I think I’m finally falling asleep…
I twitch, then my foot twitches and I’m a woken with a  shot of pain.

I can honestly say, I have never felt pain like this before, ever.
It’s a mix of fire and ice, a ripping apart and exploding all at the same time…it’s horrible.
The 1 thing that keeps me focused is…. wanting to run.
Running has changed my life and I will do anything to be able to run again, comfortably.
While I have been bed-bound,   (which is almost impossible for me)
I have been very thankful for the Skype calls, FB IM’s, flowers, cards and such…
I’m also  thankful for my VERY understanding husband…
He’s been waking up every 3 hours w/insulin and pain meds…
And when I have to pee…  

ll leave you with someone, who always makes me smile.
His name is Dexter and I had to cancel our date in NY.
He’s SO cute!




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      Thanks Bari – the pain is MUCH better and I got plenty of pain killers now – things are improving… my swelling is still big…but im dealing. Happy holidays!