Adventures in Cast Life


Merry Christmas Eve!
It’s been 6 days, since I had my surgery.
Wow, it’s been a crazy 6 days too – full of pain, tears, pain pills, long naps and more pain.
The good news is that the intense pains that woke me up screaming and crying, are gone.
I’m taking less and less painkillers, but they are definitely still needed 24-7.
I am now sporting a hot pink cast until the 27th, then I’m switching a black one.g4

The doctor told me Friday that my bones looked great but he did do a lot of work on my foot.
We are fusing 4 bones together.
It is not 100% guaranteed that the surgery will be a success.
I had a bone graph during surgery from a donor.
Apparently, I had a void/deformity in my 1st metatarsal in the joint area.
The Dr. said that I could have been born with it, meaning surgery might have happened later on anyways.
Thursday, I get a new cast and Friday, I go home to Trinidad.
Now…just got to get this swelling down!

warning: 2 gross pictures ahead



Thank goodness, I’m married to an engineer.
He has created several different ways to keep my foot elevated.
My foot is VERY swollen and I MUST get the swelling down by Friday.
Doc said to keep it elevated as much as possible.
Not just a little elevated, like at a 80-90 degree angle, elevated.
Which, by the way, is very uncomfortable…

corey leg


Saturday, I finally took the plunge and got all my hair cut off!
It’s really short in the back (like Miley) and fun and reddish in the front.
A HUGE shout out to Daniel at Solution for Hair.
I love, love, love it!

hair 2

Jen sent me another pic of the adorable Dexter.
Had to share…isn’t he SO cute?!

dexter christmas

Tonight…we went to our church, Ecclesia.
I’ve missed our church – a lot.
It was a beautiful service… except for my horrible foot pain…
Before church, we went to experience one of our fav’s – Mocking bird Bistro.
They knocked it out of the park!
Starters – Chestnut Soup & Cauliflower Soufflé



Mockingbird Manhattan for Glen
Veuve for me.


Main – Scallops with Mushrooms & Steak w/Crab Béarnaise



Dessert – Crème Brule & Bread Pudding w/Cinnamon Ice Cream



I hope this post reaches you and your family in good health and great spirits!

Merry Christmas

xoxo from Texas
(with my leg up in the air)