Christmas Goodies and Home Sweet Home


I love Christmas.
I was not looking forward to it this year though.
I was bummed about having surgery.
I was sad about missing our NY trip.
I was in pain, a lot of pain.
Life always surprises me though…
This year was one of favorite Christmases ever!

I love it when that happens.


It’s a tradition in my family to hunt for your Christmas stocking in the morning.
Since I could exactly hunt myself, I got to instruct Glen on where to look.
I guessed on my 1st try!

Glen spoiled me with lots and lots of scratch-offs.
one of my guilty pleasures
I bought Glen some too.
We ended up winning 251 bucks!
awesome rt?!


Glen scored these awesome ice molds – he loved them!
They make these huge ice balls for his whiskey drinks.


I loved all my fun gifts – from hot pink duck tape to gnome salt and pepper shakers..
My Feetures socks to my new sleek, all-black MK watch!


Oh..and I LOVE this calendar – SO FUNNY!


We hung out in our PJ’s all day – drank mimosa and chilled with this guy – Cowboy Jack.
It was a fantastic day!


Sometimes life surprises you…
It sure surprised me this Christmas!

On a different note…
Glen & I arrived in Trinidad Friday night with my parents in tow.
We met them at the United Club in Houston.
We enjoyed a couple cocktails…


This is my handy new knee walker.
It’s awesome.
I can scooter around everywhere now!


Yesterday, we spent the day unpacking our billion bags.
Today, we celebrate Christmas….
I’m off to pop some champagne for mimosas.

Do you hunt for Christmas stockings in your family?



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