Not on a boat in Tobago



I’m writing you from Tobago, the sister island to the North of Trinidad.
We all headed here yesterday to enjoy a fun weekend away.
I almost didn’t come.
I love Tobago…
But being at a beach house when you can’t go to the beach, swim or be in the sun, didn’t sound that fun to me.
I finally came to my senses and decided to make the best of it!
I’m glad I did too.
I love this house.



mom and dad
Yesterday was spent with my parents lounging around poolside w/cocktails.
We also completed an entire crossword puzzle correctly!
confession: I may have googled a couple answers.


After a touch of rain, the brightest rainbow came out!


The gang headed out this am for a day trip on Island Girl, a fabulous 43 foot catamaran.
I had to stay home, a day on a hot boat with a hard cast on just doesn’t sound like fun.
Totally stinks but it’s OK.
Can you tell I’m trying hard to be an adult about it?!


What I’m Reading Online Today

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It’s all about doing what makes you happy in life.
If you check out the comments section, you’ll see a mini back story about my life choices.
I’m a firm believer in doing what makes you happy!


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Enjoy Your Weekend Lovelies



  1. says

    I’m glad you decided to still go on the trip. Make the most of the company and beautiful house – and enjoy a couple cocktails for me :)