Glad To Be Home – Giving Thanks


This week I am thankful for…

…being home in Trinidad with husband cuddles, the sun and my cozy bed!


…a “welcome home” beach glass hunt today.  I found a huge teal piece, I was super excited!


…trying almost every hot pretzel I came across while in Chicago….and for the record, I do not consider pretzels bread either.. LOL


…getting “back to normal” by having a kick-ass Thanksgiving dinner this evening!


…my NEW favorite dish in Trinidad….try it, it’s at Buzo!


…a fabulous BUZO date night yesterday….YUM!



…getting to delay the tax finishing… I know, I’m a procrastinator of all things BORING and NOT FUN!


…a healthy immune system.  I have been fighting something for 4 days and I am still fighting.  (prayers that I can beat it)


….Molly finally got the outfits I bought her, after I left…just wait till you see the tutu!!!

What Are YOU Thankful For This Week?


  1. Melissa Mekdeci says:

    Corey – What do you do with all the beach glass??

    • We are going to do something with it…maybe a bar in beach glass or a table…not sure yet!! :-) We have a ton SO much!

  2. Just because I had too… just this out. :)

  3. I’m thankful that you don’t consider pretzels to be bread – that totally cracked me up and I needed a laugh after the meeting I had at lunch today.

    Miss you!