#BESTFOOT – Please Don’t Let Me Be Sick


Today is a holiday here in Trinidad…
Unfortunately, we will be spending it working on our taxes…
Before I get going on those…time for the weekly workout rundown.
Let’s get this  #BESTFOOT post started!


Eating – MUCH BETTER than last week – way more veggies and salads, no more cheese sticks…lol

Cross Training –  I did manage to get in 1 AMAZING circuit training session while in Chicago, better than none.

Sleep – Doing much better on sleep since I returned home, back to getting 7.5+ a night.


Water Intake –  I’m getting LOADS of fluids in since I don’t feel good.  Lots of hot tea & water!!


MONDAY – rest day, got in my 17,000 daily steps in!

TUESDAY – Walked and walked and walked a lot around Chicago, hit 20,000 steps –> no run

WEDNESDAY –  No workout, filmed Steve Harvey show all day. Managed to get in my daily goal of 17,000 steps though.

THURSDAY – 2 mile treadmill run and a kick butt circuit training session at hotel gym

FRIDAY – ALL day travel day, 3 airports, 2 long flights BUT I hit 22,000 steps on my Fitbit Flex.

SATURDAY – I cooked, cleaned, did laundry – rest day. I did manage to get in my daily goal of 17,000 steps though.

SUNDAY – Even though I was feeling not-great, I accomplished my planned 4 mile run. Then, I walked another mile.


I started feeling like I might be getting sick a couple days ago.
My very strong immune system has been doing a great job fighting it…
BUT unfortunately…I’m slowly feeling worse.
(fingers crossed – I get better by tomorrow, not worse)
I found this online this morning and it made me smile….


Are You Training For a Upcoming Race?

My next race is my BIG one –> the 10k in Houston in less than a month.
My goal was to finish under 51 minutes, not sure I’ll make it but I’m going to try my hardest!!!



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    Love that you got so many steps in at the airport! I always consider just walking laps around the halls when I’m on a layover but never do it. I guess if I was wearing my FitBit, I’d be more motivated! Thanks for linking up with #BestFoot today!