5 Things Friday



I decided to get all dolled up last night for dinner.
I absolutely adore this dress and I haven’t worn it in a while, I forgot how sexy I felt in it.
Sometimes during all the training, all the lululemon clothes, early to bed evenings, I forget what getting dressed up feels like.
One thing about all the running & cross training I’ve been doing….it sure does a body good!
Winking smile

photo 5

photo 4

photo 1

In Trinidad @ The Hilton, there is a new spot called Luce.
Super swanky, totally fun spot…a MUST GO asap.

Heaven is for Real
I don’t talk a lot about my faith on the blog, but this book was a life-changer.
I urge you to read it, its tiny and I think I burned thru it in a long run.
I have it on my cell & my iPad and when I need to reminded of things “bigger than me”…
I read it, over and over and over again.
Headed now to see the movie, Kleenex in tow….


My Dad = Master Dessert Maker
Yes, we know by now that my dad can create one hellofa Halloween costume…
But I had no idea he was such a genius in the pastry department!


This recipe was his inspiration.


I’m adding this TODAY in my quest for my #FFaprilabs #Fitfluential !!!!

WHat Will YOU Enjoy today that You Gave Up 4 Lent?

Ill be eating lots and lots of bread today!!
Tomorrow is my lsat BIG run before tapering…
13.1 baby!!!



  1. says

    You look smoking hawt in that dress!

    I still strength trained today, sorta. Got roped into a plank an hour challenge on twitter. 8 planks btwn 8 & 4. Then I tanked on a run. I’m afraid my 2 pieces of the relay are going to be very ugly. I’ve lost all my running mojo.