#BESTFOOT – My 4th Half Marathon



Last #BESTFOOT recap before the BIG racing trip.
I leave Thursday morning for Houston and Race #1.
I’m excited!


Green 6.2
I wasn’t aware there was race bling awarded…awesome.


So, Saturday morning was my last, BIG long run – 13.1.
It my my 4th official half marathon, not a real race, but it counts in my book.
We headed out to my new favorite running spot at 5:30am.
As soon as I got outta the car, I felt the stagnant air and humidity.
It was SUPER hot and VERY humid – yuck.
I started to run and by mile 4, I think I had lost about 3 pounds of sweat.
Sad smile
I changed my shirt and headband by mile 5 – YES, that is how hot it was…
I had the hubby following me, I could get used to having my own personal sag wagon!
My sugar was doing fine and killed miles 4, 5 and 6.
8:47, 8: 54, 8:47
Hopefully that is an indication my training is paying off and my 10k on Saturday will rock!
By mile 10, I seriously thought about quitting.
Yup, I know…depressing.
BUT I fought it out and kept going…
Happy and proud that I finished.


Today is a holiday here in Trinidad…
So, I’m getting a massage and enjoying a fabulous Easter dinner later with friends!

What is your #1 Race Song?

I desperately need a new race mix – HELP!



  1. says

    I’m so proud of you for how hard you’ve trained. You are going to kick some Houston butt.

    My favorite songs right now are so varied: Some Nights by Fun, I Love It by Icona Pop, Hall of Fame by The Script, Dreams by Van Halen.

    I have some slower ones too depending on my mood. Quiet Your Mind by Zac Brown Band is on replay a lot lately.

  2. says

    Hello again! Just stopping by from the #bestfoot link-up :) I’m proud of you for sticking with it and finishing strong on your 4th half!!!! I’m quite excited about your time…and definitely agree with you that it’s an indication that your training is paying off :) GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN in Houston.