My 25k Race Relay Recap – #BESTFOOT



I’ve been grinning from ear to ear since Saturday morning!
This picture was pre-race and to be honest, I had no idea how the race was going to go.
The night before, I got NO sleep.
That never happens, never.
So, I was upset, worried and exhausted.
But after a pep talk from my husband, I felt much better.
(so glad he came)


The weather was perfect, a little chilly, barely any wind and sunny.
I made a last minute decision not to look at my Garmin at all while running.
I did it earlier in the week and PR’d so I figured it was a good plan.
I felt strong while running, I knew I was running pretty fast but I felt great so I went with it.
Around mile 3, I slowed a bit thinking about my Houston race and not wanting to repeat that.
But it wasn’t Houston and I was feeling great, so I sped back up.
The path I ran was shaded, tree lined and beautiful!

I had never ran in a relay before and had no idea what to expect at the exchange zone.
As I got near, I pulled the baton out from my back…
(I rammed it underneath my lulu top so I didn’t have to hold it)
Yes, we had to hold track batons the entire run <—stupid idea race planners
I had told Bari that she should expect me no sooner than the 1 hour mark.
So, when I showed up around 57 minutes, she was a bit surprised.
After she took off, I looked down at my Garmin to see this…



I couldn’t believe it,
I smashed my PR from earlier in the week by a couple more minutes.
I think I can honestly saw that I have put the horrible Houston race behind me now.
It did teach me that I am going to have bad races.
But those bad races make the amazing ones feel that much better!
My goal in January was to run a 51 min 5K and I’m getting very close.
My next official race is in Calgary on July 3, another 10K.
The husband is going to run with me, so hopefully we’ll push me to go faster.

Here are our final 25K relay results…



I loved the pre-race expo on Friday, I got lots of free stuff!
Bari was laughing at me for getting so excited…
Hey, I never get free water bottles here in Trinidad!



I was a tad bit disappointed over the medal, kinda small.
I loved the t-shirts though – I got a white one since I had originally signed up for the 5k too.
The husband ended up running the 5k for me, he even got on TV.
It was awesome, check this out…

We celebrated our race with some brunch – tapas style – YUM!
I’m so happy I ended my runcation with this trip to Grand Rapids.
Hanging  out with Bari and her husband was so much fun and what a cool town too!




Have You Ever Run in A Relay Race?

This was my first and to be honest, it was kinda a buzz kill for me since I was leg 1
I didn’t get to cross a finish line and I had to wait over an hour to go back to the start line.
Not sure if I would do a relay again…



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    I’m glad you had such an awesome weekend. I’m not sure I’d run that race as a relay again. Between my crappy run, the stupid baton, you not getting to cross the finish with me, and then not finding the medals forever after I finished, it was a disappointment. I can’t really blame RBR for my run though, that was all me.


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