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Hi, I’m Corey.
I’m a silly, loud, fun, outgoing, mostly-vegetarian, world traveler.
4 years ago, my husband and I left our lives in Houston to become expats.
Our first assignment was the beautiful island of Trinidad.
We spent 3 amazing years there enjoying the colorful sights and lovely people.
In June 2014, we were about to head to Dubai when London called…
Across the pond we went with our suitcases filled with bathing suits and shorts…lol
We are city dwellers now, although technically, the U.K. is an island!
London is AMAZING – public transportation, parks & flowers, people w/manners, the cool weather…
I could go on and on…but I’ll save that for some future blog posts.
Life is great, but it’s not without it’s challenging moments.
One thing no one saw coming while living in Trinidad was me getting diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
Diagnosed at age 33, two years ago, my life now is all about balance, blood sugar, pokes and insulin.
I could be sad and “why me” but instead I live each & every day to the fullest.
It’s so cliche but once you come close to dying…it’s true.
I thank God everyday for my amazing life and those in it that make it so special -my husband, family & friends.
I couldn’t have survived the whole thing w/o them!

heart_13I always say what’s on my mind and share almost everything…
The good, the bad and the sometimes ugly.
My blog is my space to be creative, share my life and hopefully inspire some along the way.


our wedding day


Celebrating J’ouvert in Trinidad
We travel every chance we can…
SpainPanama  – St. LuciaAfrica – Tobago – Nicaragua



I cook.
Glen eats.

healthy chicken chili.jpg
My husband got me into running 5 years ago and I haven’t stopped since!
I couldn’t even run a block when I started…read my story here.


 Life is good.


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xoxo from LONDON

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