Tired But Happy – Giving Thanks


This week I am thankful for…

…that my husband thinks to take cool pictures en route to work...then sends them to me just in case I want to post them on the blog.  Nice job honey! (see the crow at the top of the tree?)
…the next 28 days living outside of London, in more of a country setting.  That means lots of long walks with Mr. Ripley and a way more chilled out attitude.

Crushed It


Crushed itThis was a challenging week for me both physically and mentally.  Packing and sorting is time consuming and draining, add to that my teeth drama (have another appointment on Thursday with a specialist) and not one but two really bad runs.  I knew I was tired but I just couldn’t understand how I could be running a full minute and a half a mile slower than my usual times.  And with my long run on Friday, I decided after my dentist appointment yesterday to try and chill out.  I headed to see Divergent at the movie theater first, it was OK but the first one was a lot better.  Then, Mr. Ripley and I took a 4 mile walk along the river.  It was nice and relaxing.  I ended the evening with an hour long foam rolling/stretch/home yoga session before bed.  I went to sleep calm and tired but excited to run my 6 miler in the morning.

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Oh NO – Thinking Out Loud


Apparently someone up there thinks I don’t have quite enough on my plate at the moment. Let me explain, on Tuesday afternoon, I felt THE PAIN again.  What is THE PAIN you might be asking?  It’s the same pain/nerve thingy I felt in my bottom jaw last August when we moved to London.  The pain that later turned into a 2 week ordeal involving 2 root canals, antibiotics, a tooth reconstruction and more pain that I could even physically describe.  Yeah, it sucks.  I felt it twinge Tuesday night and immediately burst into tears with the thought of having to go thru that again but on the top right side this time.  I’m starting to think every time we move something bad happens to me. (note to self:stop moving)

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