Jingle Bells and Getting it Done – Giving Thanks


This week I am thankful for…

…a wonderfully thoughtful gift from my husbands brother (& fam)..it basically sums up our whole way of thinking AND it was made by a local artist here in England.  (click here for her info)  Check out the date of the ticket….it’s our wedding date!  #2awesome4words


…beautiful, blooming roses...in the middle of December! 


 …a very “royal” Christmas celebration this afternoon.  The hubby & I had a wonderful day out at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall!   We saw Jingle Bell Christmas, it was uber festive and we looked quite fashionable too, if I do say so myself!   (i even wore heels)


corey melke

…Ripley’s 1st bath experience.  This little guy never fails to make me giggle, he liked the bath but WOWSERS, he went bat sh_t crazy afterwards!



…a surprise Christmas package from our friends Jane & Martin. Filled w/goodies for our home, Ripley, some Christmas decorations and other awesome treats.




…Christmas cards.  I know this is a tradition that is falling to the waste side BUT I LOVE it and I was pleased to see that this year, so far, we received a record 5 cards!


What Are YOU Thankful for This Week? 


A Little Bit of Everything – Thinking Out Loud


I thought I’d start today with a training update.
All was going right on track until yesterday hit.
No workout, ate bad and had poor water intake.
I could get down about it but there’s no point in beating myself up.
I just have to let go of yesterday and start fresh today!
Since I missed yesterday’s T25 workout, I’m doing double workouts today.
T25 and a run.

On the running front, things are going well.
Last week, I even snuck in a 5k instead of the scheduled 2.5 miler.
My foot felt great and my cardio is definitely improving.
Probably due to the killer spin class I’m taking twice a week.
Oh, I long for the days when I can go out and run a nice, long 8 miler!
Slow and steady and I’ll get there eventually…


I finally finished all my Christmas cards today.
A bit late but at least I got them out.
I found these adorable cards yesterday…


I was going to ask the hubby for this coat for Christmas…
But I just noticed it’s sold out already.


I woke up super early this morning and decided to make one of the hubby’s favorite soups.
Potato and Leek
He’s going to be uber surprised when he gets home tonight.

soup blog

This guy is the best ever…
Except when he hops on the dinner table!
Anyone know how we train him not to do that???


Monday night we went to a local restaurant for the hubby’s birthday.
Vicino Restaurant
These scallops were AMAZING!



And finally…
I’ll leave you with a pic I snapped out and about in London on Tuesday.
Just another reason London is amazing!


What Day of the Week Do You Lose Motivation?

I find Wednesdays are my weak day.
Always Wednesdays…
grrr..stupid hump day

Life is GRAND – Giving Thanks


I have SO much be be thankful for these days…
Our new fur ball has completely changed our lives but in the BEST way possible.
He is our constant supply of laughter, cuddles, smiles and unconditional love.

It’s also my amazing husbands birthday today.
And even if I tried…
I simply could not put into words how much he means to me.
And on top of all of that, it’s the holiday season…
So, it’s hard not to be smiling all the time.

I hope today’s Giving Thanks makes U smile & I wish all of you the HAPPIEST week ahead!
xoxo from London


This week I am thankful for…

…a very happy doggie.  While we are still taming the very protective guard dog in him, he conquered the bus, the tube and the taxi this weekend!

JoeSeph's Popcorn

…discovering delicious surprises.  This popcorn was sold at The Shard and it tasted exactly like Strawberries and Cream – AMAZING!  I highly recommend snagging some of your own here..  #joeandseph



…sunny London days.  Yes, most days are a bit grey but when the sun does come out to play…well, those days are unbelievable!

The View from The Shard

…a fun “birthday” celebration on Saturday!  The hubby turns the big 3-8 today, so I planned a fun day out on the town for him on Saturday. We took in The View from The Shard first, (the tallest building in Western Europe) from the 72nd floor and then had a amazing dinner at M.P. Steakhouse.   After all that fun, we headed home to rest and relax with our cuddle monster Ripley.




…finding really funny/awesome Instagram posts that made me smile!




…nature.  It might have been a chilly morning in London on Saturday, but when I spotted this log at the local park, I was reminded of the beauty I have missed out on over the past 14 years, living in the warm temperatures.



What Are You Thankful for This Week?