A Crazy but Totally AWESOME Week- Giving Thanks


4th of July-

This week I’m thankful for…

…a FABULOUS 4th of July party/birthday bash yesterday.  Grilled steaks and BBQ chicken combined with loads of vino and cold beer made the perfect party mix.  We had so much fun meeting and getting to know our fabulous neighbors and new friends and finished with a exciting and slightly frightening firework display.  The hubby bought a giant box of fun and really lit up the sky!

Mr. Ripley

...arriving home safely on Thursday morning and getting greeted by Mr. Ripley devouring me with kisses for over an hour.

IMG_0016…deciding to change my 5.5 hour layover in Chicago from a lazy day into a 7 mi run at an airport hotel. 

IMG_0012…this AMAZING BBQ shrimp Po Boy from Holley’s – it was so freaking delicious, I could have easily eaten 2 of them!


IMG_0055…getting to witness this pretty in pink sunrise as I landed in London on Thursday morning.  

New Balance Trail

…finding my”perfect” new training trail shoe for my next BIG adventure.  (promise to explain it all on Tuesday)

FullSizeRender Holleys FullSizeRender-2
…not getting the sparklers I smuggled into the UK in my checked baggage discovered.  They were the perfect ending to an awesome party and created some fun photos.


…all the AMAZING flowers I received yesterday and a package from my long time friend that was filled with cards she bought, addressed and never mailed from the last 5 years.  It was quite awesome….
IMG_0126 IMG_0128

…and finally, saving the BEST for LAST…as we said goodbye to all our friends, cleaned up and finally were heading to bed – WE CAUGHT A STREET FOX eating our recyclables at 2am.  We have never been able to photograph one before it jets off but luckily, I had my NEW iPhone 6 at the ready and was able to prove street foxes exist to all my American friends!

What Are You Thankful for This Week?

Turning a Layover Into a 7 Mile Run


After running around finishing all my final appointments, errand running and goodbyes to friends yesterday, I think I went to bed at midnight.  Yeah, my 5am wake up call was not so much fun this morning.  But on the up side, I was able to check all three 70 lb bags and my shiny hot pink and lime green cruiser bike.  (HUGE grin)  Once I landed in Chicago, I had planned on meeting up with a college friend to break up my almost 6 hour layover, but he was in a jam and so my plans were blown.  Instead of filling my time up with mindless eating and internet scanning, I decided to figure out a way to complete my scheduled 7 mile run.
The first thing I did was Google “gyms at O’hare” and the first answer was the right one, Hilton at O’Hare.  Apparently more and more airport hotel gyms offer day passes to workout, shower, etc…  AWESOME.

As I walked underground to the hotel, I thought about the things I needed to run.  I had my new New Balance Trail shoes on, I had extra socks, undies and a sports bra in my carry on and really I was needing a clean tee for after and a pair of shorts.  Before heading to the gym, I visited a gift shop and bought a pair of men’s boxer shorts (remembered that from cheerleading in high school) they are MUCH cheaper than workout clothes (9 bucks) and are lighter than air so they were perfect and bought an adore (see picture) souvenir tee shirt.  I was all set, I paid my gym fee $20.00 and spent the next 2 hours working out.

7 mile run @ 9:15
3 sets of calf raises, 1 min planks, spender crawls, burped jumps
1 great post-run mini yoga stretch.


What did the whole thing cost me? $19.00 for the adorable ChiTown tee + $9.00 boxers + $20 fee = $48.00  Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.  I would have eaten and drank more than that and felt much worse in the long run if I hadn’t worked out.  Plus, I’ll sleep like a baby on the overnight flight back home to London.  And as an added bonus, I did not have a low blood sugar on my fight and was able to workout purely on gatorade and no added sugar.  My DTC camp has taught me SO much and I can’t wait to talk about it all soon...next week when my life calms down.  lol


I just want to add that I could have easily walked the airport and gotten my daily steps in that way too, but I’m training for something BIG and wanted to stick to my plan.  Tuesday I’ll explain it all...stay tuned.


I’m off in a couple hours to London, I’m dying to see my doggie and my hubby and my husband’s father is in town visiting too.  AND, yes there is always and AND my husband is throwing me a birthday/4th of July party to this weekend.  I left way before my birthday so we never celebrated it and I’m excited…

Have U Ever Had aN Airport Workout?

Know of Any Airport Gyms?

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