Zingy Green Breakfast juice

Yesterday I made the plunge into juicing.
I decided instead of lunch, I’d have a juice.
I was a bit nervous to try my first one, it was really green.
So, I decided to video it so I had to drink it and y’all could see my reaction.

It didn’t smell great but it tasted great.
I’m not a huge fan of ginger so I would take the ginger down a notch next time.
I managed to figure out how to take apart and clean my juicer, which was surprisingly quick and easy.
I’m a food person and so I was shocked to see that hours later, I was still not hungry.

Zingy Green Breakfast juice
Cuisine: juice
Serves: 2
This makes 2 10oz servings
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 3 celery ribs
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 inch fresh ginger
  • 1 small zucchini
  • half of a peeled lemon
  • 6 kale leaves
  1. Peel lemon and chop veggies to fit thru the hole.
  2. Juice and drink!
  3. ~ for a sweeter juice, remove the zucchini and add 1 carrot




 This morning I was all prepped and ready to go, the hubby got to try his 1st juice too.
This morning I removed the zucchini and added 1 carrot and cut back on the ginger.
I’d say it was much better, but that implies that I didn’t like the 1st juice…and I did.

So, I would say that this is a slightly sweeter juice due to the addition of the carrot.
The hubby was pleasantly surprised, I could tell by the look on his face.
For now our goal is one juice in the morning.
Originally, I was worried about how my blood sugar would react to the juice…
But apparently it loves it.
Shockingly, I require NO short acting insulin.
And since I have stubborn morning insulin resistance, this could be the best thing ever for my breakfast.
Our plan is to do a juice only day this weekend…
I’ll update y’all on how that goes on Monday!

Football, Rainbows and Speedwork – WIAW


Since we live in the neighborhood of the Chelsea Football Stadium…
We thought we would head to a game to see what all the excitement was about!
It was a pre-season game and to be honest, soccer is in my bottom 3 of sports to to watch.
I have to say though, the game was super fun and exciting.
We met tons of people and really enjoyed ourseleves.
When the game started it was pouring rain!
Then, the sun started to set and this crazy awesome double rainbow happened!!!
It was amazing, so bright and bold, definitely one of those moments in life I’ll remember forever.


I really wish I could have gotten a better picture…




 Today’s WIAW is pretty boring.
Loads of water, veggies and salad.
I’m trying to clean up my eating now that training has begun.

Multi-Seed toast with avocado, egg and turkey


My new favorite salad in town @ The Imperial.


Homemade chicken and veggie soup

not pictured: 2 glasses red wine @ football game & some crisps


Yesterday’s SpeedWork - Dist: 4.5 miles
W/U, 2×1600 in 8:45 w/800 jogs, C/D

After putting off my speedwork for hours, I finally headed out and got it done.
The first goal mile came in around 8:22 and the second around 8:25.
The second one was with a crazy 20 mph headwind, crazy running by the river.
Overall, I killed it.
I also got back to my circuit training, finally.
I’ve lost all planking ability…it’s really pathetic.
But it will get better, bit by bit. #hardwork

What’s Your Favorite Sport to Watch?

 I’d say basketball & baseball are my top 2.



This weekend the hubby and I watched a bunch of documentaries on Netflix.
One that was pretty amazing was called, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.
I highly suggest watching it.
The premise of the film has to do with juicing.
It follows one unhealthy guy for 60 days and watches what happens when he juices.
Despite getting off all medication, losing 75+ pounds and feeling better than ever…
It was pretty inspiring.
I’ve never owned a juicer and always wondered them but never bought one.
Well, we finally took the plunge and ordered one online yesterday.
WOW, they love delivery here in the UK because I got it this morning!
Crazy, not even 24 hours later.
After a ton of research, we ended up picking the Veto Slow Juicer V-3000.



We are super excited to start juicing, so off I go to get a bunch of fresh veggies and some fruit.
We are not giving up food but after we get the hang of what juices we like and such…
I think we will try the 7 day reboot.
7 days of just juices, no alcohol, no sugar, no bread, etc.
I guess the first 3 days you feel gross, then you are supposed to feel amazing.
I think it will help with the hubby’s energy level.
Im hoping it helps with my blah-ness Ive been feeling since we moved.
I promise to keep everyone updated and you can bet there will be plenty of new juicing recipes on the horizon!

Do You Juice?

Anyone Have Any Recipes for Me?