5 Things Friday



1 – ❤️ this sign! A little bit of a stressful day w/bank meetings and realtor meetings and such…but an ice cold glass of vino and scallops were enjoyed afterwards!


2 - I don’t wanna jinx itbut we just may have found a house!  It’s absolutely AMAZING! (fingers crossed)  A stone’s throw away from the river,the most perfect kitchen ever, 3 min from Richmond Park, a lovely backyard, AC, (<–what?) a fireplace, 3 bedrooms, a media room, a deck…and MORE!  #pinchmeIMdreaming


3 – My #dooroftheday series.    If you are not following me on Instagram (why not?!?! @CoreyLearn)  then you are missing out on my daily quest to share the amazingly colorful, beautiful, unique and beyond cool #dooroftheday #london

H is for Hinz

4 – Spotting cool things representing my husbands last name.  I saw this on my run the other day and had to stop and snap pic for the hubby!  Turns out, they are all over..but it’s still cool!



5- Respecting anyone who goes out with a BANG!  Please meet Dukey.  Im not asking, I‘m telling you.  Click and feel the love .  I promise it will be the best 2 minutes of your day!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Looking for Fitness Motivation? Watch This


Fitness Motivation (10)


A couple years ago, I started watching a show called American Ninja Warrior.
If you haven’t seen it before you must watch it!
(ANW is on Monday on NBC at 9/8c)
It’s pretty motivating, always gets me pumped up to go work out.
The course is extremely difficult and no woman has ever completed the city course, until now.
Former Towson University gymnast Kacy Catanzaro has continued an impressive run on NBC’s fitness competetion.
At just 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, she’s made it clear that she won’t let that get in her way.
I love this girl!

At the 2014 Dallas finals, she became the 1st woman to ever qualify for “Mt. Midoriyama”…
A 70-foot steel structure that only the top competitors get the chance to conquer.
Kacy is no stranger to competition, as she was once named NCAA Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year.
It’s easy to see why when you watch the video.
So, watch the video and then plan your next workout or at least do some push ups afterwards!

Speaking of fitness, it’s about time I had started working out again.
Tuesday I managed a 3 mile run and a circut workout…
And yesterday I successfully finished a 5.25 mile run.
To be completely honest, I have barely been working out.
It shows too, but I’m not complaining about it.
I’m just getting to work and getting back before the weight and the fitness goes down the toilet.
Moving to another country is not a free pass to let myself go!
More veggies, More Sleep, More Runs, More Water.



Today’s water flavor creation is ruby red grapefruit and basil.

What’s Your Workout Move of the Month?

Mine is an ab move – lay down with arms straight over head.
Then, do a toe touch and on your way down, once your lower back touches the ground, do a V UP.
straight arms, straight knees, try and touch toes.
I do 3 sets of 12.
My stomach is soooo sore right now from Tuesday.
Yes, I’m out of shape.

Back in the Kitchen – WIAW


Today’s WIAW is the best one in forever…
I think Im drunk on fresh veggies and herbs and produce!!!
I seriously cannot explain in words how happy I am to have such easy access to all the goodies.



Breakfast – Rye toast w/sunflower seeds, hummus, tomatoes, basil and parm w/egg whites, peppers and spinach
2 liters of Water infused with cucumbers (I’m in love w/my new infuser bottle)
Lunch – Green salad w/snap peas, egg whites, tomatoes & mushrooms
Snack – Quest Bar (not pictured)
Dinner -Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, Caprese salad, Crudité plate, 2 glasses red wine


I woke up this morning and created my water of the day flavor…
Ruby Red grapefruit, rasberries and lemon.
It’s delicious!
I hate drinking water, so this water infuser bottle is perfect to help spice things up.




I cannot get over how every house has such beautiful flowers…
I love it, hover the bees I do not love…
But I know we need bees to have flowers so I’m trying to become a bee lover.
(notice I said trying…)




Have a BEE-utiful Day!